Saturday 14 May 2011

Still Searching for the Best Material

In utter hubris, I wrote on Servetus' blog, that I would try to make a RA-picture for my stitching machine.
I looked and searched, but cannot come up with something nearly fitting. So yesterday and today, I tried to draw a picture myself, to reduce all the colour and lines to at least make it nearly possible to get it transformed into something adequate for my stitching machine.
The downside is, my pictures do not get close to resembling his lovely face and I think they would not work on my machine anyway.

But at least I tried ;o)
I never had a painting career in mind, so I am not overly disturbed, that I cannot catch the likeness.

If you have any suggestions or material which you think might work for a transfer into an image for a stitching machine (preferably black / white), please let me know !!! I very much appreciate any kind of help in this matter!!!

Here are my two efforts:
Picture 2:
Picture 1:


  1. Picture 2 is a very good likeness.The basic face shape and nose are very good. I also like the hair. The mouth is close but perhaps the lips are too shaded. I'm not sure what you could do for the eyes other than perhaps make them bigger? Some white space under the iris? I am not sure as I haven't tried my hand at sketching him yet. But yours is a wonderful first effort!
    Nat had a link to a cross stitch pattern awhile ago. You could probably adapt that picture for sewing.
    I just Googled Richard Armitage cross stitch pattern and there were a few to choose from. Here is one I liked:

  2. @phylly3
    After loosing my comment for the second time, I am a bit unnerved with blogspot.

    Thank you very much for your help and tips!!!
    I could not open your link, but think I found the picture you meant. Is it the one with different shades of grey?

    I could doe transfers of pictures, even coloured ones into cross stitch with an old program I have on a PC at my parents. But then I would have to do it in hand stitch. In favourable estimation, it would take me about 50 years to finish that project. So perhaps I should continue to try to find a faster approach.
    My blog-logo would work immediately. I always can go back to use that ;o)

    Thank you very much for your tips, phylly3, and also for finding likeness in picture 2. I had given up all hope with it, but perhaps some editing in the computer might help.
    Thank you for your ideas and tips!

  3. Oh, your blog logo picture would be perfect! He is instantly recognizable in profile! Even a profile sketch might be easier. I'm glad you didn't mind my critique. I am not really an artist, but we are certainly all very familiar with his dear face, so I can't help but feel like somewhat of an expert! LOL!

  4. @phylly3
    Thank you for your critique and taking the time to comment and help me. Your points are very helpful!
    I had completely given up on this picture 2. But now I must look if I can change a bit with picture editing on the computer. Unfortunately I do not have bccmee's talent and the pictures normally do with me what they like and not what I would like them to do ;o)

  5. I agree with phylly3 that the profile line drawing would make a lovely choice. :)