Monday 30 May 2011

Intrigue - Part 1.1 - He is Dead

By reading any further, you state, that you are at least 18 years old.

The following content contains violence and situations, which might be offensive for some readers.
So be warned and do not read on, if James Bond like situations do not appeal to you.

Intrigue - The Beginning

The ending of "Spooks 9" - where it all began...

Harry Pierce stepped back from the rim of the building.
Absolutely in shock he ignored the ringing of his mobile phone.
Lucas, he still thought of him as Lucas North, had rather killed himself than to shoot him and escape.
The picture of the body in that unnatural position on the top of a car down at the street remained glued in front of his eyes.

More than his own son he had felt Lucas to be one of his own. To see his development in the service, his brilliance emitting from all his actions, his coping with difficult situations in the job. To observe each of his progresses had made him feel incredibly proud.
His own son with his drug addiction always had refused his influence, his caring, his support. He had evaded his influence wherever and whenever he could. Lucas on the contrary had always cherished even the least sign of his attention.
Harry Pierce grimaced as if in pain. He on purpose had withheld his feedback and fatherly guidance. He had felt he had failed Ros with his guidance to always do her ultimate best. She should have left the building, when she could. But instead of saving her life, she had died in trying to rescue the home-secretary in foolhardy bravery.

Harry heavily felt the burden of having failed to save either her or him or, as it was, his son, who always was so close to total ruin.
Since Lucas’ return from Russia, no real discussion or chat among friends had occurred. He had drawn back behind a wall, to keep his feelings safe and in the process had ignored all the problems around him, instead of solving them.
It had been wrong of him to let Lucas cope with the traumatic experiences of his imprisonment all on his own, but it had woken deeply buried fears of his own, about his time of imprisonment in Ireland. For a short time he had been held prisoner and had been tortured. He had not been able to walk upright for a whole month, after he had been able to escape his guards. The nightmares still kept him up some nights and he still only could manage to cope with it by evading every thought about this time. The therapist back then had declared him fit for service again, as he had gone through all his nightmares in detail, but when they came back, he just escaped by totally refusing to think about the whole event.

His old fears had prevented him to safe Lucas.

Absolutely depressed, he took up the phone, which was ringing nearly without any pause, and answered it.
It was Ruth telling him in a suppressed voice that the bomb at the railway station was indeed a fake, as Lucas had already revealed to him. Her almost too calm voice told him, that not all was well with her. He had failed her as much as his ‘children’, for which he felt responsible.
He promised Ruth to come in. Ruth would send a car to pick him up.

Slowly he went down to the street. Till he came to the ground floor, the ambulance already had arrived and examined the body. They confirmed the death of Lucas North, as he provided the name.
His team of forensics would take over the body for further examination.
They would also try to find out more about the tortures Lucas went through during his Russian imprisonment. Harry pushed these thoughts aside. They were too torturous for him to contemplate now.

When Harry came closer to the body of Lucas, something startled him. He could not directly place the cause for his irritation. He averted his gaze from the shattered body and turned to the waiting car, which brought him back to the grid.

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  1. No! Lucas is really... no... :( (I know, but in general I'm in denialand)

    I think I've spotted 2 typos:
    "...had failed Hermione with..." --> Ros
    "...of having failed to safe either..." -->to save.

    Off to read how you develop this.

    OML :)

  2. @onemorlurker1
    Thank you very much for your corrections! I will work them in immediately. You are completely right, it is Ros (my completely muddled brain). Thank you !!!
    And I think I have to continue soon, to get you out of 'denialand' ;o)
    I just have to go in small pieces, as I should not write at all because of work pressure right now, but it is the only thing which keeps me sane at the moment.

  3. You really illustrate the dismay Harry Pearce must be feeling now.

  4. @bccmee
    Thank you for reading "Intrigue", bccmee!
    In Spooks 9 I missed a bit of Lucas-related grief from his colleagues. I strangely interpreted their expressions at the end more as relief that he is gone and the storm was over than as real grief for the person Lucas. So I just had to correct that a bit in my mind - and in fan-fiction fantasy everything is allowed ;o)