Tuesday 24 May 2011

Intrigue - A Spooks 9 Sequel (Announcement)

Dear Readers,

I have for so many times announced and spoken about my dream, which 'revealed' the true happenings of Spooks 9 to me, that I finally must write down the story line, I saw back then in my dream.
As my work schedule and dire business situation do not allow me to indulge too much time in the 'fan-fiction', my story will more or less be a draft summary of the happenings.
But I think, I must reveal it before the 'real' Spooks 10 comes out, as it will make my story line redundant and unimportant.
So I hope you understand my motives for doing it in such a rushed and abbreviated way.

As, like in the "James Bond" storyline, a lot of further adventures and situations are possible for the true hero, please feel free to use the resolution and create your own story around it.
I would very much love to read about it, as I was very unhappy with the end of Lucas / John in Spooks 9. If you do, please drop me a line to let me know.

My episodes will be put together in an index on a separate page of this blog, to get the story into the right order, as the continuing blogposts will turn the developing story from the ending to the beginning.

This new page collecting all parts some of you have already detected: Intrigue

There also is a warning concerning the age-limit for potential readers.

« By reading any further, you state, that you are at least 18 years old. »

I do not worry over much and do not specially restrict access, as the intended content is not really offensive or sexually explicit and would in my opinion need no strict age restriction. (My readership, as far as Blogger tells me, is older than 18 years anyway.)
But I do want to avoid any kind of problems, so every post belonging to the story will be marked with an age-restriction notification.
This alternative storyline should be fun for the reader and give all Lucas North-fans some hope back. Causing offence would be the total opposite of what I want to reach with my story.

I hope you will enjoy it and follow my 'dream of the real events'.

Best wishes and thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive group of readers and commentators.

Christine (CDoart)

The logo and sign for all parts of the upcoming story:


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed with your graphic skills! You did a great job merging the two promo pictures.

  2. @bccmee
    Thank you very much, bccmee. Such praise from a real master! - Now is not the opportune moment to reveal, that I found the used effects by chance? ;o)

  3. It'll be interesting to know what you've think of as how things should go and then see what they writers have come up with.

    OML :)

  4. @onemorelurker1
    Thank you, onemorelurker1. I am sure the writers have no use for Lucas / John / hero any longer in "Spooks 10", so I am quite happy to give him his own story and make him my hero again ;o)
    Ups,... did I reveal too much ;o)))