Monday 2 May 2011

Who is that angry looking man?

I have been found out, or at least almost.
My parents saw a photo of a certain man in my appartment and asked me that question: "Who is that angry looking man?"
My answer, a bit fuddled and red in the face ;o) "Oh, an actor."
Fortunately, my parents did not ask any further. Who would love such an angry looking man anyway, they must have thought.
But for me, a picture of him looking angry is a good motivation for me to go back to work and work even harder than I would do anyway.

Is that a way of 'mis-using' Richard Armitage?

But completely overworked as I am right now, I needed a break. When I am totally overworked, it is even an effort for me, to decide on what to do that is not work related.
So my method of choice or better way of keeping my hands busy so that they could not grab for the next work (as there is lots to do right now and I do not know where to look first), was again Richard Armitage.
Not only that he keeps me motivated, he is also my source for rest and recreation.
I did some drawings to get my hands off work. (Nothing arty, my meager talents do not suffice for that, but I still do enjoy doing it. Please do not expect too much, it is nothing like the artful creations bccmee is doing right now. If you did not already, take a look. One wonderful creation for every day in May. What a great idea by a real artist!)
Here are the results of my forced recreation for you to enjoy:


  1. What a great idea to draw Richard Armitage by hand. I am very impressed by your talent. I especially like the minimalist look and the white shading. Wow, I don't even know if I could draw. All I do is take existing pictures and put them together in a new way...not sure if that is considered art, LOL!

  2. @bccmee
    I take a headstart with the black in black contours and model only the highlights with the white. I started it, because I wanted to learn highlights to being able to do water colours. (Just a dream of me ;o) School water colours learned us the wrong method and I always think about the highlights last, which is the completely wrong way of drawing with water colours.
    My method here is not really artful, but very enjoyable to take a break and in a way create and touch his face ;o)

    Your arrangements are great and you create something new and absolutely wonderful. I am so looking forward to your May series!

  3. I think you're both talented. Thanks for sharing those pictures, Christine.

  4. @RAFrenzy
    Thank you for consoling me. That is really lovely of you.

  5. Nothing wrong with a bit of Armitage to give you a reprieve, a break, a distraction, encouragement or motivation. All great things I say that Mr. A brings to us and to me too for sure. So, I understand your need to take refuge in him.
    And your drawings are lovely. Don't ever think you don't have talent!

  6. An angry man, hilarious!
    And yes, loving bccmee May graphics.

  7. @calexora
    He is a real motivation, what a true word.
    Thank you very much, calexora!

  8. @Avalon
    Good that he can look so angry ;o) Otherwise, I would have been found out.
    Now I must have a look, bccmee's 3rd graphic was just released.

  9. Love them. You can write AND draw - you really got a talent.

  10. @alfie
    Thank you very much! It is very sweet of you to say that ;o)

  11. You have captured his likeness very well. It's really difficult to make portraits that look like the people you're drawing are supposed to (well it is for me, but I'm not artist) so really, well done! :)