Friday 27 May 2011

What World do we Live in? - Or: I Hate Telephone Marketing

Today was not my day for telephone calls. One caller accused me of making her being liable for something she offers in her work portfolio.
But the worst was, that I had put days of work into accommodating her offers in a time where I can ill afford it and her thanks were unjust accusations when she was liable for her offers anyway, if posting them with me or not. She just had not recognized that fact for 26 years. Quite a long time to not discover the obvious.

Also today, I had the third caller in two weeks, asking me to speak to my boss.
How dare they !!! They not only do un-requested telephone marketing, but also fail to read my company details.
Or do they just not expect to get a boss on the telephone?
Or should I not answer telephone calls, because of being my own boss? But who would answer the customer requests then?
And they always ask for a male boss. - Oh, what delicious field day I have with those callers. ;o)
Normally I am very polite and helpful to my callers, but those who ask for my boss completely lost. When my slight feminism kicks in... Hmpf ... (Just spitting out some last bones ;o)

Fortunately I can get a treat and get down from all my steam and raging, as the one unjustly accusing me really got under my skin, whereas I can smile about the presumption, that a hard working woman must have a male boss.

How very fortunate to have Richard Armitage fandom, giving me a real rescue area, where I can fill my reserves with my ideals, wonderful comradery, intelligent women helping, sharing and talking to and with each other and not hacking and biting each other to pieces.
What a wonderful parallel universe Richard Armitage world is for me !!!
[If you are one of those biting females, not leaving a good hair on another female for no other reason than that she is female as well, please just leave my dream universe ;o). But as you read this, you already show that you are not. Welcome in!]

(P.S.: Did I mention, how important Richard Armitage is for true lived feminism?
I should thank him for that, but what would he think then. He would think I am completely crazy (and would he be so far off the mark at least when he is concerned? ;o)

Edited - Source:

Can we somehow clone him for each one of us?

Source:   Photographer: Joe McGorty
The only objection I have concerning this second picture is, that in my opinion they put the warning sign at the wrong place, as with Richard Armitage fandom there is:

Source:   Photographer: Joe McGorty

P.P.S.: For all awaiting the beginning of "Intrigue", please be patient. I am working on it. I wanted to start with a video clip at the beginning, but have upgraded my software to an unrecognizable new version, where everything works completely different and I do not find my way around.


  1. Even with a rough day, it's nice to enjoy some Richard Armitage escapism. I think that's true for many of us, and I hope your days get better! *HUGS*

    I also noticed those background signs when I saw those newly discovered drooly pictures! *sigh*

  2. I escape to the RAfandom after a hard day at work as well, Christine. I hope things improve for you.

  3. @bccmee
    Thank you very much for your encouragement!
    Your picture of the day with that lovely thoughtful Guy of Gisbourn helped a lot to calm down! Thank you!

    The sign for him should have a female figure tripping in it. I am not sure if he has the same effect on men in general, but for women, that sign would be a necessary warning ;o)

  4. @Mulubinba
    Thank you very much for your support and encouraging comment!
    I am over it a bit now, thanks to the wonderful RA-world and your support.
    The accusations just came so unexpected and were so undeserved, that they really affected me.
    But now I can laugh about me again ;o)