Monday 16 May 2011

To Settle my Nerves ...

How I see that I am at the end of my nerves 
and urgently need a RA treatment?

I look at things I like and only think about how much work it is to maintain them, keep them clean and free of dust, etc.
Then I know, it is high time for me to let the dust stay where it is. He always gets the upper hand with me anyway.
But now, how to decide what treatment would be the right one?
Richard Armitage - treatment of course, but which one?

How fortunate, that it is May and bccmee does give us our daily dose of highly effective medicine! How fortunate for me, to have doctor and nurse so handily available ;o)

Here is today's medicine: bccmee with an "Ultimate Force" picture of Richard Armitage

Another medicine I found by accident today is Robin Hood, a rarely touched topic on this blog. But first I must mention the only "Robin Hood" film, where I really wanted Robin Hood to get Marian in the end.
I saw it the first time, when I was still so young that I slept during most of the cinema performance. It was so cosily warm and dark. But I can remember seeing the last bit, with the happy couple leaving together in a coach ;o)

But now, I think, I must reveal, which film I mean.
This Robin (and only this Robin) should get Marian:

In all the other cases I have seen, I found Robin Hood a bit self assured and overbearing. Nothing like the thoughtful and troubled Guy of Gisbourn, played by Richard Armitage, who would really deserve her and would cherish her accordingly (after the long time of torture she made him go through).

Now you deserve a further treat for today:


  1. Lovely animated Robin Hood! I wish that Richard Armitage would do voiceovers for animated films someday. He's going to be such a big star, he'll be in great demand by Hollywood soon--I hope!

  2. @bccmee
    I totally agree with you. His voice would be brilliant (the rest of him too). But with his dark timbre, for which role would they cast him in an animation? I fear he would get the bad guys again ;o) I don't know why, like in the opera,the heros always must have high tenor voices.
    RA most certainly would be my hero of choice ;o)