Saturday 30 March 2013

Happy Easter ...


Did you ever make an Easter resolution?
I so far did not. New Year's resolution and plans for the coming year, yes, but for Easter?
But this year, I came to the realisation, after "The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey", I just miss Lucas North too much and need to come back to him.
Yes, the separation from him in "Intrigue" was too much for me to bear and I felt a bit unfair to dump Al Delarmy in a hotel in Hamburg.

At the moment it also looks as if I need to meet Al Delarmy in Hamburg in June anyway. Perhaps I even see him in one of his ...
- Oh, I must not tell! You still don't know ;o)

But I can divulge so much: I by chance need to go exactly where I had in my fantasy sent Al Delarmy, whithout ever knowing that I had to go exactly there myself.  (No! Oh, what do you think of me ! No, not into the famous red light district of Hamburg. I am much too harmless for that ;o)

What a coincidence you will say or perhaps life just has no coincidences, just full intentional plans we just do not understand at the time we have to go and live through them. At least I can admit, I don't understand them, but none the less, the coincidence is nice and I am looking forward to meet Al Delarmy in Hamburg in June ;o)

Hope he is not too angry with me for dumping him in that luxurious hotel and having the quarrel last time we met ;o)

I can't promise anything about how fast I will be able to continue with "Intrigue", but at least, I will try to steadily continue and build the story. So I hope you will have joy and fun following Lucas' / John's / Al's further story in "Intrigue".

Happy Easter to you all, my friends,
and have a relaxed and joyful time !


  1. Happy Easter to you! Now you have me intrigued! I see I will have to catch up on your fanfic writing.
    I also miss Lucas very much.

    1. Thank you very much, Phylly !
      I am looking forward to what you think about the story and will try to get further parts of the story finished and publishable ;o)
      I just could not let Lucas North die. No, not my Lucas. He always would find a way out ;o)

  2. Hi CDoart, did you actaully ever mentioned or described how Lucas came by this intriguing name of "Al Delarmy". Nothing to do with a specific "Army", right?? ;-) You know, I'm looking forward to read more of Al.... BTW Hamburg sounds good!!

    1. Yes, Linda60.
      And actually, it has something to do with his lovely army of fans ;o) - Just could not resist ;o)
      The story contains the background of Lucas (or the one we know for Lucas North right now).
      The actual description of how he came to have this name (and why I created it that way) is in the part and especially this comment to this part: Intrigue (Part 2.2) Nothing to look back to

  3. Hope it was a good Easter in Bavaria! Also hope you pick up the Lucas fan fic writing again. I just caught up with them, and am impressed with the unsentimental, reasoned plot developments.


    1. Thank you very much, Fitzg !!!
      For me, Lucas is a very un-sentimental and brainy person, so the sentimental breakdown at the end in Spooks 9 just did not ring fully true to me. He must have had a backup plan and could not run into an openly visible trap so blindly. To find that backup plan, I needed a dream to reveal the solution and to allow me to give him his second existence ;o)
      I hope I can make the complicated plot work and bring all the acting persons to the right spot at the right time with the right knowledge. Phiuhhh..., what a big plan, but Al insisted, so now I must.
      And after the meeting in June, I hope we can sort out our row and perhaps he can give me the one or other hint and tip.
      He is still my hero after all ;o)