Monday 11 March 2013

4RA-1: Fan & Fan-Questions

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Some time ago, I came up with the idea to collect questions (while I already have a bulk of them regarding “Spooks”).
But why do I want to ask Richard Armitage questions and would like to know the answers, when I don’t bother with asking other men?

Before I start deeper in my journey of discovery into this question, I must add that this all for me is a very (extremely strong !) hypothetical question, because I don’t believe that I will ever ask the questions for real and I am not even sure that I want to ask Richard Armitage those questions!

Have I confused you enough by now?   

Fine, then we can start with my further discovery into this question during this following FanstRAvaganza week.

For me, it is something different to ask a ‘professional’ question about King Richard III, as I did just now via the digital distance of Twitter

(Though it was not answered – but did I really expect it would be?
Not really, after already hundreds of questions before and thousands after mine.
And the question per se is not answerable in 140 signs or 140 sign-bits and furthermore is not at a stage to be answered or allowed to be answered in a ‘The Hobbit’ context.)

But with those questions I enlist here in the next posts, I would rather like to hear the opinion of RA, without him needing to think about the marketing of a film or check his answers in regard of a financier. So this whole premise could only take place in a very hypothetical environment not likely to ever happen or even exist, but which can be enacted in a fictitious part of my mind.

Because the RA I ask these questions is fictional for me and so can become a version of a man I would like to talk to, while in real life those men I can talk to are really numbered and I can count them on one hand and do not even need all fingers. (As one of them already is my father, men in my acquaintance I find worth to talk to and their answers I deem something worth to get, are really few.)

How do I envision RA to answer those questions? I think the new interview in Lorraine’s Show last Wednesday (06.03.2013) with his lovely attentive and oh so ‘understanding’ attitude, came very close to my ideal of attentive listening. The attention he gives his partner in the discussion, is addictive, the understanding he expresses or seems to project (I have no idea if it is real or just a very good way to encourage the interlocutor), but it seems to work perfectly at all times and certainly has its effect on me.

Own screenshot - I know it's a bit fuzzy, but I want exactly that moment.
(Source: Lorraine's Show (06.03.2013) shared by

Still, I see this whole topic of really asking RA questions as very hypothetical, as RA would break out of the frame I gave him access to in my life and would from fictional character suddenly become real, if I really should meet him to ask those questions.

During the week, I will examine more, what that for me would mean. I hope, at the end of the week you will know more about why I fear that and so can’t imagine myself standing at a red carpet event or another event where I would meet RA in a fan-encounter.
But under this premise, I can fantasise about asking questions and in the next posts can start with a few of the questions I would like answers to.

Posts from previous FanstRAvaganza years 2012 & 2011


  1. Hi CDoart, this reads really a bit cryptic, but I think I know what you try to express, as we only talked about it recently. As you know I'd not be so hesitant about letting RA into my RL, if this improbability (who's to say where and how??!) would ever just so happen, whereas I know it is in all likelihood not going to happen. Sigh!!! Looking forward to your collection of questions. ;-)
    Not to forget, I like what you wrote about his attentive listening.

    1. Hello Linda60,
      You certainly have an advantage, you got parts of my reasoning in a long sermon ;o)
      So you can look behind it and encrypt my writing.
      I always admire his attentiveness in all things and to other people. If I should name just one reason why I became a fan of RA, I certainly would pick his attentiveness.
      Thank you very much, Linda60!

  2. Hi CDoart,
    I love your article. It is personal and gives so much to the reader. Even if it is not your intention to meet RA in RL, I wish and pray, that one day, you will get the chance to ask him all of your questions.

    And I hope, you will find someone in RL, who it is worth listening to :-)
    All the best!

    1. Hi MissPiggy,
      Thank you very much!
      I fear, if I ever should get to ask those questions for real, RA would need quite some time to answer a few of them ... ;o)

      Thank you for your wonderful wishes, MissPiggy!!!
      All the best to you too and have an enjoyable and creative time on your journey! I keep my fingers crossed that your dreams come true !

  3. He would be a better interviewer than Lorraine!

    The precept that Mr. A is for you, fictional, is probably at the heart of "fandom", do you think? For each of us, the actor is the recipient of our subjective projections. Is he sweet, shy, humble, in need of mothering? Is he single-minded, disciplined and focused? Is he more or less committed to charities than any other actor or celebrity? And of course, the fear that if we actually met him, he would prove to be boring?! :D

    It would be lovely, if one or more of your questions did come to the attention of Mr. Armitage - keep them coming!


    1. How true, Fitzg ;o)
      Yes, you are right, fictional RA is at the heart of fandom and makes it so wonderful for each one of us, his admirers.

      A few of my questions ;o) Yes I will select a few during the week ;o)
      I have the distinct fear that he would need a year to answer all my questions and only if he went into seclusion to evade any other distractions.
      And I must admit, I much rather see him working on his next project or film or whatever he likes to do, to sometime soon see a result or him on screen ;o)

  4. It's true, it would be so nice to just hear what he has to say off camera, when he's not put on the spot. Imagine sitting down with him at a café or something (or hey, a nice Bavarian beer garden!) and just having a conversation between friends, so to speak. Sadly, that will never happen to any of us. :(

    He does seem like such a nice guy and it would be great talking to him about acting and about books ... history ... :)

    1. I fear, all his thoughts about marketing strategy might change his answer, so I would like to discover what really for himself makes his characters work.
      A beer garden would be great to relax, though certainly, I would not be relaxed enough to ask the questions or would need so much beer that I would no longer be able to ask the questions ;o)
      Thank you, Traxy!!!

  5. I often fantasize about that kind of situation - chatting with RA. Personally, I would probably not talk much about his work but I'd be more interested in finding common ground with him. The music he liked as a teenager, his favourite bands, the films we watched in the late 1980s, reading Smash Hits as a teenager, that kind of stuff. Nonetheless, I am very cuirous about the questions that you now have in store for him.

    1. Hello guylty,
      You are really brave !
      I don't really see myself in a chat with RA. I know I would be much too tongue tied.
      I need a certain purpose to be brave, so I could potentially ask something in a function for RIII and KRA, but for me just to still my curiosity most likely just would not work.
      So I fear you will be disappointed about my questions which are nagging me, as they unfortunately have nothing to do with RA personally.
      Sorry for awakening your curiosity in that direction!

  6. I hope you do get to meet RA and ask him some of your questions. I think it would be wonderful.

    Unfortunately he gets asked the same questions over and over in these PR interviews and rarely runs into an interviewer that is interested in knowing more about him (and I don't mean the single or married question!!!). At least he wasn't asked the circus question in the Hobbit PR round.

    1. Thank you Faboamanto!
      Yes, I also find the repetitions with always the same questions boring.
      Just complained about that a bit, but got the information, we need repetitions so that our brain really consumates the information ;o)
      So I am no longer so strict about that ;o)

  7. As Traxy and others said, I would love to hear what Richard has to say off camera when he is relaxed and trusts you enough to open up without reservation.

    It would be nice if you did meet Richard and got the chance to ask him your questions. Begin thinking of it as real and not a far off dream and it will become so.

    1. Thank you very much, Collar City Brownstone, and very welcome here on the blog!!!
      You are right. Where I doubt is, if I am the right person to ask the questions. It is not so much that the environment or he won't live up to my expectations, but that I perhaps won't.

  8. I like learning more about your preoccupations. :)

    1. Thank you very much, Servetus.
      The questions are nagging and remaining with me, even the Spooks questions, thought the series now totally has ended.
      Strange that my questions don't go away.

  9. Hmmm. Interesting notion--asking questions for his work vs for real life. And I also wish interviewers would get some new questions. Ha!

    I'm guessing that at this stage of his burgeoning world wide celebrity, he might have to invoke confidentiality clauses that he might make people he comes in contact with, sign agreeing not to divulge his private information. Ha!

    And I would happily insert a clause to that agreement that I would give him my first born child--of course, he would have to help me with that. *wink*

    Sorry for the cheek. I've feeling saucy tonight. Ha!

    1. In a way I think, asking work related questions helps me blend myself out. Don't exactly know why that seems important to me, but otherwise, I would not be able to collect one single question.

      I think you are right. His latest interviews and the questions seem heavily vetted. Nothing spontaneous about them.

      Selling children ;o) You can co-operate with the film industry Servetus so lovely depicted in her late posts ;o)
      Perhaps for a special marketing campaign to strengthen the 'fatherly' aspect of him for a role ?