Wednesday 13 March 2013

4RA-3: Questions 2 about Richard III

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No, nothing like if he killed his nephews.

If I believed King Richard III really did it, I would rather ask how or why he thought it to help his position and prestige as king, when I see it so much as an error for him from all perspectives.
I have clear doubts here that he did it, but not for being a ‘Ricardian’ (which I am not) or only wanting him to be good, but for psychological reasons.

For one, I see the king as an intelligent man and I just can’t imagine, he did not come to the same conclusion that the disappearance would hurt his position as king. He was their uncle after all, if they were legitimate or not and as such responsible for them. To lose them just is no good style for an uncle. (That reminds me of my own nephew. I think my sister would kill me in return ;o) Preferably in a very slow and extremely hurtful way.)

For another, the one with the best and strongest motive in police investigations rather rarely is the culprit, as his interests are much too obvious to allow him to act upon them. They are obvious for everyone to see and deduct the logical consequences.
This leads to the strange situation that the strongest opponents might act as the fiercest protectors, just because of this reasoning.
While not so blatantly obviously interested parties, normally the second, but often even in the third or fourth position of motive strength, feel safe enough to act upon their baser motives.

I know that is no proof, but at least shows why I doubt.

Whereas I don’t doubt, that King Richard III clearly calculated all (!) his options and was well aware of advantage and risk.
A crime executed in the head, is it still or yet a crime in itself?

NPG 148; King Richard III by Unknown artist
(Source: National Portrait Gallery)

My questions to RA now would be:

  • What aspect of King Richard III especially can fascinate an actor?
  • What advantage has Shakespeare’s Richard III character compared to the ‘real’ (or historically reconstructed) one?
  • What can a film do to a king who is already famous? – Or should I rather say notorious?
  • What influence would you as actor like to give Richard III’s wife Anne Neville over him? (As very little is known about her and her relationship to her husband, this aspect leaves quite a lot of space for interpretation.)
  • Is Richard III a driven or a reacting figure? Driven by greed or acting out of necessities put upon him?
  • Is Richard III personally strong or weak and why?
  • What in your opinion makes Richard III act in the way he does?
  • What in his background / education / upbringing / influences / … leads him to become such a different character / morally settled person compared to his older brother Edward IV?
  • What kingly abilities of Edward IV does Richard III miss?
  • Why does Richard III’s relationship to his eldest brother work though their large age difference and their opposite characters and approach to life and moral?

And here I really need to forcefully stop myself, otherwise we would sit here till next year’s FanstRAvaganza 5 ;o)

I very much hope you enjoy the event ! Till tomorrow, with more musings, why I just can't stop asking questions ;o)

Posts from previous FanstRAvaganza years 2012 & 2011


  1. I recorded the (first) documentary about the dig and one about the War of the Roses and was going to put it on a DVD for you, but then we cancelled our Virgin TV and lost access to the harddrive recorder part before I had transferred it to another device, so all recordings were lost. :( (Despite Virgin assuring us over the phone, when we phoned to cancel, that no, we'd still be able to see the recordings, just only the ones from Freeview channels. Bah.)

    Anyway. Great questions. I think you could have a very interesting conversation with RA if you ever met him! :)

    1. I got a DVD of the first documentary ;o) I lucky one ;o) Thank you for trying, Traxy!!! That is absolutely lovely of you!!!
      To console you a bit for the lost recordings, both documentary parts are now online on YouTube. Wait a moment, here are the links:
      1. Richard III. The King in the Car Park (on Channel4)
      2. Richard III. The Unseen Story (on More4)

      I would rather hide and just leave RA with the questions and a way to give his answers to me ;o)
      But perhaps your suggestion with the Bavarian beer garden might work ;o)
      Our 'Mass' (I just ignore the Prussian dominated wrong way of writing and consequently pronouncing it - Maß) measures should do it ;o)