Saturday 16 March 2013

4RA-6: The Distinct Advantage of RA

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The distinct advantage of RA compared to other men

I already started to explain RA’s main attraction points in my last post.
But what set him so completely apart was something Servetus and her excruciatingly honest self- and fan-analysis alerted me to.

He was not real.

Yes, I know, he is real, and I am certainly heavily in the group suffering APM (= Armitage Protection Mode).
But to some extent he just isn’t, at least for me.

He is safe,
as he does not really come near me, know about me or can hurt me.
So my fantasy world about him is safe, I am safe and still can feel enormously inspired by what he does and how he does it.

Lately someone asked me how I would behave in a red-carpet event meeting him. My answer was ‘I wouldn’t’.
Because, if I can, I would avoid the spectacle, the frenzy, the showing and openly expressing of my feelings of admiration.
That would throw me out into something I just am not and would make me into something I would not like to be. Something I fear, as I couldn’t control it and would need only to react to a surrounding I would not like to be part of.
I am no fodder for the masses, don’t like to be used and would not like to lose my identity and only be a number and I certainly would feel that way there.
It would make it into something real, something depressingly real, something entirely un-safe.

In contrast on KRA, though showing the signatures in totals and numbers, the lovely feedback we receive shows that people all over the world come together in support of the film. A multitude of motives, aspects of interests, personalities and just absolutely wonderful supporters assemble there.
And all in support of one brilliant man, attracting all this attention.
I can’t see this variety as pure numbers and customers of fan-devotionalia, while standing around a red carpet, I would feel like a number, a space filler somehow.
Would have to be myself, my real self and would feel completely lost ;o)

The variety in fandom is the reason, why I am active part of this fandom, why I support the KingRichardArmitage initiative for the film “Richard III” and why I can’t get enough of Richard Armitage - in my safe fantasy world ;o)

Enjoy the variety and broad bandwidth of fandom in FanstRAvaganza 4 !

Posts from previous FanstRAvaganza years 2012 & 2011


  1. An interesting and honest expression of your POV. I am with you there, C, I do not quite see myself standing at the edge of the red carpet, vying for attention. At least not without my camera as my protection. To put distance between me and him. Or distance between myself and my dreams. And yet - I *did* actually travel to London for the premiere. Cos sometimes we do silly things and it feels good to do so. What you said about connecting with the fandom came true for me on that occasion - I met three wonderful fellow RA admirers - Linda60, AgzyM and Judit - and meeting them was the highpoint of the whole trip, not breathing the same air as RA whom I only got to see from about 10 metres away over a whole sea of bobbing heads... I am glad he exists, but meet him as a fan? No, never! Glad to hear, that others feel the same!

    1. You have solved it, Guylty !
      That is it. The camera would give some kind of purpose and would make it all right somehow. The distance it creates would be an advantage, but also the 'job' to do something with the camera would be a relief.
      Just standing there for me, as me, a fan, would make me feel extremely uncomfortable.