Friday 15 March 2013

4RA-5: What Makes RA so Interesting ?

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What makes RA so interesting as a person, not only as an actor, that I am interested in his views and answers?

Before I start with analyzing this question, I must state, that especially from men (except perhaps my father and my professor and a very limited few) I rarely got useable feedback, support or anything close to a constructive answer to a question.
Men usually were causing more problems than they solved and needed someone to repair the mess they left in their wake. You see, my opinion of men is not the best.

This was the reason, why my fandom to RA came as a complete and utter surprise to me, which I still could not entirely solve.

That I am not only interested in RA’s roles and outlook, but also his opinion, was quite clear to me right up from the start, as I did not fall for him because of his skill in a role, but because of him answering tricky interview questions.

 But what set him apart, what made me so deeply fall under his spell?

What certainly came to his advantage was that I was surfing for video instructions and completely unaware and unprepared for the power of his spell.
Unsuspecting as I had been, I fell before I even knew what had happened.
But still … - it was not his appearance, which made me a fan and gripped me without return.

It was his polite way.

That certainly set him apart from the men I knew. Only few were polite and those who were, generally wanted to trick you out of something, to give up information, do their work, play you in front of your boss/professor, etc.

So for once there was a man where I could drop my defense shield and just listen to what he had to say. And he did not need to trick somebody else out of something or to grow by grinding somebody else into the ground to have something to say, but had an opinion and backbone of his own.

I hope you now see more clearly, why I had to make these excursions in my research, why I especially want to ask RA questions, though I am notoriously curious as well, but then mostly go my own way to research till I am content ;o)
And as typical historian, as a friend of me once said: A historian believes that every problem is not entirely unique and so if encountering a problem, he goes to the next library and searches for a solution ;o)

I am still not entirely finished with my research and now will come closer to my position, why I so especially need 'phantasy RA' for my questions.

Have fun with FanstRAvaganza 4 and enjoy all the diverse posts !

Posts from previous FanstRAvaganza years 2012 & 2011


  1. Ohh, it's all becoming clear now - the man's a wizard! That's why we're all spellbound! :D

    I agree as well. The most interesting part is RA himself. Not his looks (although fine), but the person.

    1. Yes, a wizard he certainly is ;o)
      Thank you, Traxy!