Thursday 14 March 2013

4RA-4: Why Do I Want to Ask Questions

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Why do I want to ask RA questions ?

  • Because he played roles so excellently that I really would like to know how he made them plausible to himself to be able to make them work for his audience as well.
  • Because the preparation for the roles he plays seems so complete that I would like to know what he makes of the roles and adds in explanations and background to make them work – for himself and for the audience.

When I during my studies, had access to cheap tickets, I nearly weekly went to the theatre to see productions. Often I could not make sense of what they wanted to tell me. With RA playing a role, it is easier to get the message and meaning, even really difficult, emotion racking ambiguity works with him.

  • What is the difference here and there? What makes this work beyond the hints the script, set and artifacts give?
  • Why does a scene even work, when RA does nothing more than let a smile shine through his eyes, while his face remains impassive (or rather needs to remain passive, because it is covered with prosthetics like in the Hobbit, where the smile intoxicated me so much that I forgot to be attentive for quite a while and now urgently need to see the Hobbit a third time to catch up on the scenes I missed two times)?

But this all still does not answer the question, why I especially would like to get the answers from RA.

  • Because I think he is sensitive and thoughtful enough to have really interesting answers.
  • Because he takes the time to think his answers through and not just does something to please the audience, but also himself and his high standards.
  • Because he does not do it for the greatest marketing effect, though marketing for an actor necessarily must be part of it, but to be content with what he did.

As this is such a strong aspect for me in my life, this might be a point where I over-interpret RA’s previous interviews and his answers. Still his behavior in interviews is surprisingly different and refreshing.

My questions and analysis is far from finished and I will go deeper over the next few days of FanstRAvaganza 4.

Have a nice and enjoyable FanstRAvaganza 4 event !

Posts from previous FanstRAvaganza years 2012 & 2011


  1. I don't think you need to justify wanting to ask him questions at all. We'd all love to ask him a number of things. At least you would ask him interesting questions, and not just silly things like if he prefers dark, white or milk chocolate. :)

    1. Thank you very much, Traxy!
      The fear I have is, that really asking RA would result in a chaos ;o) Naturally caused by me, but still a total desaster.
      By the way, what chocolate does he like?
      I don't very much like white, so would be easy to convince to share that ;o)
      Hhmmm... Easer eggs are coming up and having a little nephew who does not care for chocolate is really convenient ;o)
      No, I don't share my nephew, and I don't sell him or hide him or ...

  2. If I would get a chance to talk to Richard and to ask him something... I don't know what I would really come up with. I think I would probably be too shy and nervous to get a sane word out. :P

    1. That's exactly what I fear too. If I really stood before him, I think my brain would be totally blank and no question would come out for hours ;o)
      Perhaps, when I am at home again, long afterwards ...
      Thank you very much, Benita!

    2. Agree completely! The mind would just go blank and all thoughts would basically say "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" and so on!

      In 2001 in Germany, I was fortunate enough to be able to have a chat in person with my favourite singer. I was so completely starstruck I really didn't know what to say. In the end, I ended up asking him about a film he was in once (filmed in Sweden) and I think once I was back home again, I had dozens of questions I realise I should've asked, but it was a bit late by then. Oh well. :)

    3. Oh yes, Traxy. That is about how I envision myself really asking questions. I don't think they would make much sense at the time ;o)

  3. Why would I want to ask RA questions? Because I'm nosey. :) I do love his interviews!

    1. I fell for RA during an interview and await each one with eagerness, so I must be nosey and curious too ;o) And with my accumulated questions - certainly !
      I would like to listen to him, whatever he wants to tell. I just could not so easily expose myself by asking.

  4. Good questions! RA is amazing in his character portrayals--becoming a wholly new persona with each character.

    My standard interview question that I submit when they have these fan question requests is:

    "What question do you wish interviewers would ask you, but they haven't? Then please answer that question."

    It didn't make that last twitter Q&A cut for #AskThorin. But I'll try again with the #AskPeterJackson Fingers crossed. Ha!

    1. Thank you very much, Gratiana!
      That is a really good question and allows him to freely create his answer.
      Good luck with the next question session!