Sunday 28 August 2011

A Thank You to His Fans ...

-- WARNING ! Real message of support ! --

Richard Armitage sent a Birthday message on 25th of August, 2011 to thank his fans for all the presents, work and efforts they undertook for his 40th birthday.

What better way, than to publish this message at the ending of our 'birthday-present, the King Richard Week in support of Mr. Armitage's "Richard III" filming project.
(If I could figure out how to link to the message, I would only put a link here, but as I can't, here follows the full text of the message, published on

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all the kind gifts which have been sent to me over the last few weeks, for my birthday; so many gifts, cards and emails of good wishes from all over the world. (Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Germany, Korea, Itlay, USA, Canada, Netherlands and all over the UK)

I will be so 'well read', drunk, fat, warm and sweet smelling thanks to your generosity.

I am particularly excited to let you know that the "Just Giving" donations to our four charities has reached an amazing £11,933! In addition to donations to Oxfam and Christchurch Earthquake appeal, which I find both thoughtful and moving.

I am afraid there may be some delay in remitting thank you letters and any requests for signing photos, as I am in New Zealand for the rest of the year, but am working on a system to remedy this.

So middle age has arrived and apparently 'life now begins'. I look forward to the next chapter, there is nowhere I would rather be at this moment than exploring "Middle Earth" with my new family of Dwarves, Elves, Men, Wizard and Hobbit. What a gift to be here, in this place, at this time. I can't wait to share it with everyone. I am a very fortunate man.

Much love

Good things must end, but not for us. The KingRichardArmitage website continues and some posts planned for the week are still on their way to come in. As always, pre-planning is good, life is different, so not all our plans for the week worked as planned. Personal reasons, illnesses and family obligations interfered.

We, the openly visible contributors and the silent one's not able to contribute during the week, hope, you have enjoyed the week and will follow the articles still to come. Updates will remain to be published on the KingRichardWeek 2011 - page.

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