Tuesday 23 August 2011

King Richard Armitage - The Event Week begins

The KingRichardArmitage website has KING RICHARD WEEK

As I am greatly involved with the KingRichardArmitage page, my blog suffers currently from neglect.

But for those of you interested in King Richard III and his connection to Richard Armitage, give the event a try and read the stories which vary from historical topics to fan-funny ;o)

For those interested in history and the background of King Richard III, I will post material here, which presents the whole topic in a lighthearted way. Heavily historical content will be posted with a special warning ;o)
I hope that is fair to you fellow Richard Armitage fans ;o)

For those of you absolutely not interested in King Richard III, not even the 'funny stuff' about him, please skip this weeks posts. I will come back to our "Intrigue" again afterwards, though after all the work and night shifts at the computer lately, I urgently need some rest and hopefully will get some HOLIDAYs soon.

Concerning the announced Donation for signatures of the Richard III-petition till the 22nd of August, 2011:
The number of online signatures is in and, including unconfirmed signatures, amounts to:
€ 14,40
As we expect further signatures, which having been collected at signings at the weekend, the final amount is still unclear and will be announced in the end post of the King Richard Week on the website on 28th of August, 2011.

As the donor is doing honorary work for the U.K. where especially children are profiting, he decided, to be fair and split his donations between the Salvation Army and the Shelter. (He will add a further donation to the reached amount.)

I hope you will enjoy the contributions about King Richard III!

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