Thursday 4 August 2011

I am still among the living ...

I know you will say, now that I have met Al Delarmy in Hamburg, I am not likely to share the spicy details with you.
But you are far from the truth!

Al is back in his story, feverishly preparing the plot and I must admit, another guy had my whole attention lately.
This guy:

King Richard Armitage

Compared to a King, Al Delarmy had to move to second place and must wait for a bit longer. Al holds a big chunk of my heart, so he is not forgotten and "Intrigue" will continue. ;o)

But now that it is August, as Servetus so aptly calls it "Happy Birthday month Richard Armitage", my work goes into supporting Richard Armitage and his project "Richard III".
If you have not signed the petition, please give your heart a slight push and do so now. From the feedback we got so far we can tell that our help with the petition is much appreciated!!!
(You can directly reach the petition by clicking on one of the pictures in this post.)

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