Friday 26 August 2011

King Richard Week - Was Richard III a Villain or a Saint? Judge for yourself ...

-- WARNING ! Heavy Historical Content ! Be Warned ! --

The Trial of King Richard III

Not all research results remain true till in our days or in some points new evidence has been added by researchers, but still this court of justice is an extensive presentation of material, research and a very British way to cope with the possible guilt of a long dead English king.

Introduction by Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the successor in the position, King Richard III held before ascending to the throne of England. A modern trial is held at the Old Bailey in London, discussing and passing sentence. All accusations against King Richard III are brought to the light and dissected and examined in detail. (21st February, 1984)

I will not reveal the verdict, as I do not want to spoil the ending for you.

(The embedded video shows the first part. The following parts will appear or even will continue to play automatically, as they are connected in a playlist created by valentinejay.)

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  1. I was there last summer. So sad to see such a place where so many unhappy memories were made. It's no wonder if the place is haunted.

  2. @phylly3
    You have seen the Old Bailey? How brave of you to go there! I thought, nobody would dare to go there, if he had any kind of choice. I believe you immediately, when you say the place is haunted.

  3. Oh, no. Sorry! I meant the Tower of London. I was listening to the video as I composed my comment and they were discussing the Princes murder in the Tower. That's what I was referring to.

  4. @phylly3
    Oh yes, with the Tower you are certainly right, that there are ghosts and nightmares still haunting the place. Sorry for my misunderstanding, I was totally in the Old Bailey, where I would not like to know how many undeserved and unjust trials were held.