Tuesday 23 August 2011

The King Richard III Song (Horrible Histories)

-- WARNING ! Funny historical stuff --

Please don't forget to sign the petition for "Richard III" !


  1. Love the song... very Andrew Lloyd Webber... clever find.

  2. @mesmered
    Thank you very much, Mesmered.
    I can't get enough of this song as well. I like his signs "Great with kids", "Ideal husband" and especially essential for us with the petition for the filming, "Vote for me".
    Yes, vote for poor Richard III ;o)

  3. Funny song - now all you have to do is to get RA to sing it. See that would BE funny ;-)

  4. @alfie
    Good, that I had just swallowed my tea, when I read your comment ;o)))
    Alone the image you created in my head, Alfie. Now I can't stop smiling and grinning ;o)
    Strangely, I cannot well imagine RA playing a funny role, but singing this song, that would be fun ;o)

  5. Funny and educational!

    RA does have that dance theater background - and we'll hear him sing in The Hobbit. :)

  6. @darlingdarling
    Thank you! RA singing in "The Hobbit" is really a part I am looking forward to.
    After hearing his battle cry, I am not sure it will be the performance he would have learned in a singing class, but RA singing ;o)

  7. HH have done another bit with R3, but not a song. It's a play that's about to be rehearsed or something like that and R3's ghost comes and complains about the content. Haven't seen it on YouTube, unfortunately. It's funny, though. Then again, most HH things are! :)

  8. @Traxy
    That sounds interesting. Richard III coming back and criticising a rehearsal. He would have quite a lot to say about a Shakespeare play, I could imagine ;o)
    I must look out for this "Horrible History". Thank you for the tip, Traxy!!!