Thursday 14 July 2011

Al Delarmy and I had an Argument ...

I feel very bad that I keep you waiting for the further parts of the story of "Intrigue".

But Al Delarmy (alias Lucas North / John Bateman / etc.) and I had an argument last night.
(Yes, indeed, I met him and he is as devastating as Richard Armitage. So I stood no real chance in our argument ;o)

He told me, how I possibly could presume he wanted my boring and neatly planned story, when he already evaded and had successfully outplayed Harry Pierce. He really wants to set the world afire and not just some tiny firework.

I grumbled a bit, but after all Al Delarmy is right. He has the final say in his story!  Who am I to argue with him, if he wants to go on a bit longer than I originally intended.

He argued with me, that I planned everything much too neatly for the real world. And where he is right he is ... well, right and unfortunately much too adorable to negate him anything.

Now some adjustments are necessary in my story to really tell his story as he wants it to be. I hope the coming surprises will be good one's and you will enjoy the continuing story line!

Do you, when you write, also have problems with your characters insisting on getting their own stories and not wanting the one's you intended for them?
Al Delarmy certainly mixed up my plans and created his own story, but what else could I expect from such an excellent spy?
So now I give over the lead to him and let him tell his own adventures.

Please let me know, if you have fights with your fictitious characters as well ;o) 
I would really love to hear your stories !


  1. ROTFL! There's no way you can deny the man anything *sigh*

    I'm no writer, if anything an eager -if not good- commentator most of the time ;), from the notes authors write about stories I've come across a few times, with authors mentioning having arguments with their characters, just as it has happened to you, the characters giving the authors a piece of their minds about how they're developing their storyline, so I think you're not alone.

    OML :)

  2. Conflict is the key to storytelling. I guess that's what Al is saying. :) I have enjoyed the story so far and look forward to whatever antics the characters come up with next!

  3. @onemorelurker1
    Thank you very much for consoling me, Onemorelurker!
    Al is really overwhelming and when he wants something... ;o)
    But he took time off and escaped his bodyguards to meet with me - and that is really nice of him.

  4. @bccmee
    Thank you very much for following, Bccmee!
    One conflict Al already created with his author ;o) But I love him too much and forgive him graciously.

    Al is right to demand the best of stories from me. I only had thought to keep it more smoothly, to better get around all the holes and mine-fields along the way - and the plot was not simple to start with.
    With all the work around me I only fear I will create too many conflicts and will forget some to bring to a satisfactory solution.
    But Al wanted it that way, now he has to rescue me together with the world he insisted upon. Nothing smaller would do for him. He ignored all my arguments to the contrary. Now everything depends on Al's talent to safe us all and if we can trust him ;o)