Friday 8 July 2011

Emergency ...

For three years I have been working day and night to get one project up and running. My heart-blood flows through this project, but everything I did try for the past two years resulted in nothing.
But now, when I have to put my work in two new projects which I started to get myself off the ground, this first project gets some life and wants my full attention.

With my heart hanging so much on this project, my dear creation, can I really say no?

And do you know, when the big day of the major announcement for this project is planned to be?
 For RA-followers it is not really hard to guess, but you won't believe it:

The 22nd of August 2011

Is this pure coincidence or does it have some greater meaning?

But now I end up with three projects fighting for my attention and trying to tear me apart. (Fan-projects not even counted ;o)
Tomorrow also is a big day for me. I have to leave my observer and commentator position and have to get in front of a camera, eventually even for a video. Please keep your fingers crossed that I do not act like a butterfly on a pin. I fear it so much.

I have not forgotten about INTRIGUE

I will try to continue and rescue Al from his 'dubious' role in Hamburg, but at the moment I cannot promise a clear schedule how I will be able to proceed. I will do my best to make it worth your while to continue following Mr. Delarmy.

Thank you!


  1. Have fun in front of the camera! We'll wait for your story when you're ready and able. :)

  2. How great that the date is August 22! Must be fate and a good omen for you that it is RA's birthday and a milestone birthday at that!

    Good luck with the video!

  3. @bccmee & @ Fabolaktuko
    Thank you very much !!!!!
    I am so happy. I survived ;o))))
    I still can't believe it, the photos and the videos went well, nobody tried to kill me and the interviewer was such a lovely and nice lady, that I did not trembled over much while answering her questions.
    My nerves now slowly settle down again (the remaining few I still have ;o)
    My respect for RA grew enormously today.

  4. Take it as a good sign! :D

    Don't worry about the story, continue when you can, we can be patient.

    OML ^_^

  5. Wow! Good for you! That is so exciting. I wish I knew more about it and could see the video...
    Good luck with the rest of your projects.

  6. @onemorelurker1
    Thank you very much for your support and patience!
    The connection to RA must be a good sign. Everything about the developments 'feels' good. I live in hope... ;o)

  7. @phylly3
    Thank you very much, Phylly. The project really needs lots of luck. I so much believe in it, but the belief of one person is nothing, as I found out quite the hard way in the last years.
    If the video turns out well, it will be on the Internet. Though I think I am much too shy to openly make the connection and post a link to it ;o) Sorry. Utmost concession might be off-blog in a moment of bravery ;o)
    (But first I must see the result and approve (mostly of me, not so much of the video) ;o)
    Piuhhh..., I am so glad it is over and done ;o)

  8. Wow CDoart - glad to hear it went so well. And yup, I think it's pretty significant that the date is Aug 22. :D Love those coincidences. Good luck with all your projects!

  9. Thank you very much, Calexora!!!
    The project now must (hope, hope, hope ;o) go well with all the lucky coincidences, after all the problems it already survived.