Thursday 6 October 2011

Musings About Court and the High Sea ...

Libra (15th Century) - Source:
You will know the expression "in court and on the high sea you are in God's hands". I would only lightly disagree, as in my opinion, we always are, but especially and very obviously in those situations. Though the saying more implies that you cannot predict the outcome of your situation (but when can we ever?).
I have a very strong believe in justice and am fiercely fighting, for what I feel is right. I even punish myself, if I think I do not deserve something, e.g. a nice word or praise, which I think I did not earn.

What in contrast I entirely do not have, is a believe in the justness of our legal systems or the world in general. I do not give them credit to either better things or even be able to make things right.

So I am quite weary in being in a legal situation right now, fortunately only taking a side role, though an important one.

It makes it hard for me to concentrate on writing my intended story "Intrigue" or to write blog posts about something else, not revealing the in my opinion completely unjust accusations, hindering my business.

What makes things even worse for me is, that not only one legal system is concerned, but two in which both I set no great confidence. Both are prone to support either the rich or the outcast, but neither does defend the hard working, honest people.

But how apt to get into a legal conflict during the astrological sign of the Libra. Hopefully it predicts a well evaluated and just outcome. - You see, I don't say I want to win, as justice for me would imply that anyway ;o)
But as justice must be bought, I am not sure we can afford to go as long as we need to get justice.


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  1. Sorry you are having legal problems. Hopefully the Libra sense of justice will win. Take care.

  2. Thank you, Fabolaktuko!!!
    I think the Libra must be a positive sign here ;o)
    Thank you very much for your concern.