Saturday 8 October 2011

A Defender Like Lucas North ...

With someone on your side like Lucas North, who so effectively could solve your problems, life really seems an adventure.

Bccmee in one of her latest October-gif's brought this to the surface so well:

Do you think one moment about the poor guy getting hit? It took me a while to find out, that I never thought about him. Lucas North totally caught my attention ;o)

So now, with Bccmee's gif, Lucas smuggled himself nicely back into my dreams, to defend me in my not so pleasant, filled with technical details and rather chaotic nightmares.
That gave me the idea, that in real life Lucas would really not bear my enemies for long and it would be a swift and graceful process to solve the problem, one punch and the opponent just flies away.

Fortunately, my indirect enemies are on the other side of the world and so, as long as they do not get the ludicrous idea to get closer to me, are in quite a safe distance.
This way, I can keep my usually quite peaceful attitude towards the world. Lucas North is the only outlet I allow my aggressions ;o) so don't fear, I will not punch my opponents into their noses, however well deserving they might be.

[Sorry I can't speak too much about the problem itself, as it would reveal too much about real me. At the moment we have enough to do to check legal possibilities and closing down all security systems, as both private and business internet connections have been under attack and tried to hack at the same suspiciously convenient time. What criminal potential people develop, when they think they can gain advantage and earn the merits of another person's work. How sad that is and my sense of justice runs wild to fight for the suppressed and unjustly accused. - That is the reason why I would not be a good lawyer, as lots of people suggested to be an ideal profession for me, because I would fight for what I think is right and not for profit. I would not survive that for long ;o)]


  1. Good luck with your security issues, CDoart. I wish you had a Lucas North to defend you too. *HUGS*

  2. Thank you, bccmee. You gave me a Lucas North to dream about and helped me a lot with your gif. Thank you!!!