Sunday 16 October 2011

I Sympathise with Guy - Unlucky Guy (Traxy)

When I heard the song, wonderfully recorded, texted and sung by Traxy, I immediately felt sympathy for Guy of Gisborne. This year I feel like I can meet his good luck ;o)

Would you believe, that I would urgently need a function in my shopping software exactly at that moment, when it just has been replaced three weeks ago in the latest update? What luck does it need to just miss the opportunity to make easy adjustments instead of miles and miles of work-arounds by a hair's breadths?
This year was a complete chaos, because every planning just turned out for naught. Every effort just smilingly exploded in my face.

Funny and absolutely chaotic year 2011. I just wonder why I still bother with planning at all. Fate just leads me around on a total spiraling chaotic route.

Good to have my steadying influence of fandom ;o)

Don't forget - It's already

half-time for the Richard Fan-Art Event 2011

The first contributions are already coming in and are pure joy. I am looking forward to present the artists to you ;o)

Don't hesitate any longer, get your pen and scissors out and take part for our King Richard Armitage !


  1. Sorry it's been such an unlucky year for you. I totally relate to "Whaddaya mean it's not working? I just bought it!" I wish you better luck for the rest of the year.

  2. Ouch, that sounds really bad. :( It's so annoying when there's a feature that you never know you needed until they decide to phase it out! Let's just hope things look up for you soon.

    Glad you enjoyed the video. I've been meaning to put together another one, but haven't had time and the past couple of weeks I've had a cold, and at the moment I just burst out coughing if I try to sing. :/ Will try to write some lyrics soon, so at least that part's done! ("Unlucky Guy" was very much a rush job.)

    Looking forward to see what the fan art will reveal. Haven't started on my part yet, but at least now I have the material ready! :D

  3. @jazzbaby1
    Thank you very much! That is very kind of you!!! I hope things are changing soon. I will mark this year red in my calendar, never to re-open my notes and remember it. - Oh no, there were good things too, like RA-fandom and your support ;o) This I really would not have liked to miss.
    Thank you, jazzbaby1, for reminding me of the good things in this year!

  4. @Traxy
    I am very much looking forward to more of your recordings!!! As I am always fighting with my sound settings on my computer between piano and sound-card, I really admire your fantastic recording work as well as your voice and lyrics!

    And with your other project, I can't wait to get a glimpse of it! ;o)

    The real problem about my shopping software and why I am so very upset is, I did know I might need this feature and extra chose this software, as it provided an easy solution. They just erased it, right when I would have needed it. - My luck this year!

    Fate seems to want to prove a point to me and seems to say:
    Plan along as you like. I will do with you what I like anyway.
    If I hadn't thought about that detail in the first place, I would say, I did not pay attention and do not deserve anything better. But this way it is just fate playing dirty tricks with me.
    The whole year just is the same and all my care, planning and extra security measures just do not work out. Fate has other plans for me. Who am I to argue and why bother with planning and caring and researching ...?