Sunday 30 January 2011

Richard Armitage & "Schnuckie"

Followers of my blog will have recognized, that "Schnuckie" is my computer.

"Schnuckie" failed to start last Friday and as I had to send him back to the manufacturers, he will take some time to find his way back to me. You could very well say he abandoned me for a while.

Now you might ask: what does that have to do with Richard Armitage?
His absence made some points of my fandom for Richard Armitage clear to me. This is the reason why I tell you about my "Schnuckie" and his companion "Mausie", who would otherwise have remained anonymous.

The absence of my Schnuckie hit me hard, not only, because all my professional software and software licenses are on this computer.
I still had access, at least for a while, to the internet via another computer, "Mausie".
But on Schnuckie were all the mail accounts and RSS feeds of my fan-obsession. I somehow felt bereft without them, cut off from all the wonderful information. And when Mausie abandoned his monitor, I also lost the ability to watch the film DVD's.

Another aspect of my fandom also occurred to me:
For fandom I use and try to expand my computer skills. Picture editing, website creation, video editing, nice blog sphere behaviour, all of these elements are computer related for me.
Richard Armitage is in some way the motivation for me to better myself.

How can my computers (and here I do not speak in the singular!!!) desert me in all of this?
Computers, my way to Richard Armitage!

The funny thing is, I have not the slightest idea if Richard Armitage even vaguely likes computers.
But I love them, and as you see with "Schnuckie" and "Mausie" even give them names. By the way, my computers are all male ;o)
Their logic and sometimes tricky behaviour just is not female ;o)

But why do I love my computers?
- perhaps because they have to do what I say (sometimes)?
- because in some way they do allow me to do what I want (sometimes)?

Regarding fandom it appeared to me, that these are perhaps also aspects of my fandom.
Nobody is there to disagree or set limitations - at least not the object of adoration.

But my computer "Schnuckie" has 'his' limits as the defect now shows.
Does my fandom have its limits as well?
Oh yes, Richard Armitage does currently not give input as to provide us fans with new material, because he is currently working on "The Hobbit". But as this will take some further time to progress, we are cut off, like I am from my computer.

Perhaps computer and fandom is not such a bad comparison after all, though I started it as a kind of sad joke?

[I must excuse myself for using Richard Armitage for comparison reasons here. It is purely circumstantial and any kind of disregard is completely involuntary. But as I am no other person's fan I had nobody else to compare the computers with.
Not that I think Richard Armitage has anything in common with a computer. He is much too fetching and expressive for that.
You see, I have quite a lot of differences as well. Perhaps I should do - oh no - enough of reminding me of my still not working computer!
You see I miss 'him' badly when I do not have 'him' for some days - and that again is something 'he' has in common with Richard Armitage ;o) ]


  1. Hope Schnuckie comes home soon:)

  2. I have found Fandom to be very educational indeed as far as computers, software, YouTube, etc. I know I would feel cut off from the world if I didn't have my laptop, so I understand a bit how you feel :(

    The only technology we know RA mentioning in an interview is that he has an iPod!

  3. I feel for you! I also would be bereft without my computer (no name variety). You remind me that I really should back up my picture files as they took so long to amass I would hate to have to do it all again! The internet is certainly the gateway to my Armitage obsession, although I do now have a nice DVD and beginning audiobook collection. So I could survive for a few days without the internet! But I would miss all you fellow fans too much!
    It is terrible that both your computers have deserted you in your time of need! ;)

  4. @Avalon
    Thank you, Avalon! Hopefully, Schnuckie will come home to me till the end of this week. I keep my fingers crossed.

  5. @Fabolaktuko
    Thank you for your understanding, Fabolaktuko and welcome here on the blog!
    I first hesitated a bit with mentioning that RA is my motivation, but he is that for me. Where work sometimes tends to get boring, he just brings in some colourful joy.

  6. @phylly3
    Thank you, phylly3, for your comment and support.
    Please do safe your pictures as soon as possible.
    After this week I am really a fan of at least 3 security copies ;o)
    But two computers deserting me at the same time was a bit stressful. Fortunately, I got one back running and do not have my data files on the computers main board, so almost everything is safe and still available.
    My treat in all that stressful time were the first two disks of "Lords of the North", you know who read those ;o)

  7. Third attempt at a comment here! I am totally lost if I the internet goes down - it would be worse if my computer broke as well!! I use the computer for work but also all the Richard Armitage related things so it is at the same time my source of work and relaxation.

    Lovely blog! (I really like the larger print as it is easier to read givne my poor eyesight :) )

    .... fingers crossed the blog accpets my :)

  8. Sorry for typos above but your blog accepts me now!! Yay!

  9. I hope Schnuckie returns to you soon! It's so awful when your computer goes down - well, at least when you're kind of attached to it. Marvin (desktop) is getting a little bit old now, even though realistically, 5 years isn't a very long time. Maybe a reinstall would help, but then there would be so much backup and hassle to sort out. Arthur (laptop) is just over a year now and seems to be doing okay, fingers crossed. Hrm, yeah, I name my techie stuff after Hitchhiker's Guide. :)

    But that wasn't what I was going to say at all. I was going to say that OHH you pose a very interesting question for any RA fan who is also a computer nerd. Is RA into computers? Well, maybe he isn't as such, but is he any good with them? Can he reinstall a driver, hook up a printer or configure a router or does he need to phone a friend? I wonder. Maybe I'll even make a post about it during F2! Full of great ideas, you are! Thanks! *takes hat off to* :D

  10. @Mulubinba
    Welcome here, Mulubinba. I am glad the tips worked and you can comment now. Thank you for your support!
    There is no necessity to apologize for typos here. English is not my first language and in the rare cases that I should detect them, I am not in a position to throw a stone :o) I am much too glad you accept my attempts with English!

  11. @Traxy
    Thank you!
    I am looking forward to F2 and am glad that I could be of help with topics ;o)
    Your comment also made me glad that I am not alone naming my computers. I sometimes feel a bit crazy about that ;o)
    Schnuckie, who totally abandoned me, is a bit over 2 years old, was quite expensive and I thought him to be a superdupermegahyper machine. Mausie, the older notebook, also running every day, had the bad idea to abandon his monitor just right at the time, when I really needed him direly. As he is well over 6 years old, he has proven his worth and I forgave him for choosing such a bad time ;o)
    What is it called, "Murphy's law"?