Sunday 2 January 2011

From Grumbling and Speculation to Pure Fiction

In the latest posts, I repeated myself over and over again and hope I have not bored you overly much. I tried to erase most of the repetition by going over the blog posts over and over again. Still they contain lots of repetition, as they represent my efforts to come to terms with a for me unexpected development in my attitude towards Spooks 9 and the scriptwriters.

I have increased the number of blog posts lately, as with re-watching Spooks 9 I wanted to come to a resolution in the 'old' year. Somehow I did just that, even when the outcome was a bit surprising to me.

After all these long posts with speculations about what the scriptwriters may have meant with Spooks 9 (what I at first thought a good show should have revealed on its own), I now will come to what I have at first thought, the scriptwriters would lead their multitude of hints to.

I will not be able to recollect all my flowering and blooming ideas growing wildly over any possible film format for Spooks. But I will try to at least give you some ideas, where and why my fantasy ran wild and why in the end I was so disappointed by the meager explanations really given.

My main fiction and sole hope, I still have not completely given up upon is, that Lucas at an early stage did cooperate with Harry and enacted the whole last part of Spooks 9 to fool the Chinese kill squad. Perhaps even Vaughan was in on the deal, as his meeting with Harry did not reveal anything new (as mentioned in post "Vaughan and the Mobile Phone") and his death was only a fake.

What was the other series, where a whole part was later revealed as dream? Dallas, Denver Clan, …? (I normally avoid series at all cost, so please excuse my vagueness.)

Alternative Storylines:

• Lucas North found special material he held back in the Chinese embassy, when they broke in in Spooks 9.4. This allowed him to see deeper into their reasoning and their causes for following him.

• Lucas North trusted Harry Pearce early on and planned the shown story line to distract the secret instigators and observers of the whole show.

• Lucas had anarchistic ideals and wanted to destroy all world governments. Therefore he worked for the downfall of all governments, including the British and the Chinese.
o This is my weakest storyline, as Lucas in all situations works hard to secure and protect Britain.

• Lucas North knew of a plot against queen and country, he could only prevent by going along with the threats by Vaughan.

• Lucas North really being bad and Harry Pearce discovering some unknown dealings of Lucas, e.g. the ‘secret helpers’ for finding Vaughan, which are not approachable by Harry Pearce, but only would work with Lucas North.

• Lucas North is the leader of a gangster ring, using the MI-5 information to gain world power.

• The external specialist Harry brings in in 9.8 to detect Lucas / John clearly accuses Harry of knowing liars, but not pursuing Lucas enough during his interview with him. This let an alternative story line of big dimensions grow in my mind. What if Harry knew, that Lucas was lying to him, he knew more about Dakar, he wanted to expose the Albany file for his own reasons and used Lucas / John for this?

• Only Lucas / John knows the real extent and connections of the secret instigators. He does not confide in Harry, as he does not trust him. Harry’s way of giving up a useless state secret does not recommend him as well. The time Harry worked together with the Russian spy on the grid also does nothing to recommend him as a trustworthy source for acting against Russia. Lucas wants to bring down Russia and all its allies, e.g. China, the U.S. and all western governments depending on Russian energy resources.

• Lucas / John has such high moral standards, that in the end he rescues the world from his existence.

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