Thursday 20 January 2011

Vaughan-Meeting a Pre-Arranged Detour?

Was the meeting between Harry and Vaughan a pre-arranged event to let Lucas North drop his guard?
This would explain, why Harry took it upon himself to meet Vaughan and did not send Lucas or another member of the grid alone to acquire the information.
It also would explain, why no real information was forwarded by Vaughan, though Vaughan must have given good reasons to get Harry to leave the headquarters.
It might also explain the high security level with which Vaughan's files were sealed off.

Has Harry already had doubts about Lucas and wanted to lead him on to reveal his true background story? Had he been suspicious since Lucas requested full file access in episode 9.2?

What still keeps me wondering is the strange relationship between Harry and Lucas even before the strange Spooks 9 - events.
Is it down to male rivalry or is there more to it?

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