Wednesday 26 January 2011

Strike Back on RTL 2 in Germany TODAY !

BBC Germany announced the start of "Strike Back" in Germany.

RTL2 will show all three parts of the first series beginning January 26th, 2011:

More information here (in German only!):

Teil 1 am 26. Januar um 22:05 Uhr auf RTL II
Teil 2 am 28. Januar um 22:40 Uhr auf RTL II
Teil 3 am 29. Januar um 22:00 Uhr auf RTL II

I am just too curious how the synchronised version will turn out. From the first German episodes of "Spooks" I was heavily disappointed. The informal 'you' does work in English, but most certainly not in German and the word by word translation they did for Spooks 1 just did not work for me. The fine irony was completely left out in the German version, so the dialogue was a bit boring and the forced familiarity between ministers and state officials very strange. I gladly went back to the English version.


  1. Well, the dialogue in "Strike Back" isn't exactly striking, so to speak. ;) So I think the only loss would be that you don't get to hear RA's original voice!

  2. @Avalon
    Thank you for your comment!
    Unfortunately I cannot get hold of the recording immediately as I am in meetings currently. I had to bribe my parents into recording it for me, as the preset times I programmed had changed at the last minute ;o)

  3. @Traxy
    You are absolutely right. RA is absolutely stunning without saying anything, so the synchronisation hopefully will not do too much harm.
    In the German previews RA made a much more forceful and aggressive impression to me. So I am really interested in comparing the two versions.