Saturday 27 November 2010

Vaughan, a Friend and Convenient Enemy

Why did John Bateman not hate Vaughan enough to actively kill him?
He had reason to, as Vaughan even in his own description does not deny being the one who initiated the bombing of the Dakar embassy.
John Bateman seems to fear Vaughan. Why? Because of his important connections or his power over the fate of John / Lucas? Or was Vaughan the father figure of John Batemans past, the one person he wanted to impress, who’s favour he wanted to gain?
Why could Vaughan affect John as much and play him with John Bateman not being able to shrug off the influence?
John hates Vaughan in series 9.7, because he abducts Maya, but not for their past in Dakar or afterwards.
Why did they separate after Dakar?
What connection to Vaughan did Lucas North have to being able to find Vaughan immediately, when necessary because of Maya. Why did he not try to find him before, as even Vaughan suspects, when the Chinese entered his house?

(I will have to go back to this friendship / enmity between John and Vaughan, when I have rewatched series 9 at a later point. What still leaves me wondering is, that Lucas / John at first starts out to resist Vaughan and then gives in to his demands completely without further resistance.)

P.S.: I am almost as guilty as the scriptwriters. I open such a lot of questions with this post and cannot answer a single one. At least I have the excuse, that the scriptwriters left me with those questions and I in future will try to ponder them further to find at least some answers.

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