Monday 29 November 2010

Vaughan Edwards – Trust and Betrayal

After my last post about Vaughan as friend and convenient enemy (Link) of John Bateman, I had to think some more about Vaughan Edwards.
Why did he so easily set his trust in the abilities and the ruthlessness of John Bateman back there in Dakar?
Why did Vaughan so easily trust John Bateman with such an important operation as the embassy bombing? What did he see in John, that recommended him for this endeavor? Did he see John as the murderer Maya described him to be?
What reasons did he give John Bateman? Did he even have to give him reasons or was John one of the main instigators?
But my main question there is, how does a murderer look like? How do I recognize one?
Maya seems to be able to see just that revealing ‘murder’ stigma on Lucas / John.
I do not want to go too closely into that, as I do not really want to know one. After all, he could be mine …
But still, Vaughan must have recognized something explicit in John. Was it his ruthlessness, his being prepared to risk the ultimate consequences? That does not really speak for someone in love.
Someone in love is careful to secure his future in the love connection. Quite the opposite must have recommended him for Vaughan.

On the other hand these traits make Lucas / John an excellent spy, no risk too high for Queen and Country.

Strange past in Dakar and I am still not one step closer to solving this embassy bombing by John Bateman.

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