Tuesday 30 November 2010

Harry and Lucas / John

Harry in 9.7 seemed to be more embarrassed by Lucas / John’s confirmation that he had lied about his name and background than he was about his bombing the Dakar embassy.

Harry is quite easily content during the interrogation with the meagre information, that Lucas / John did not know more. But alone Lucas standing up during this answer suggests that he is forming an excuse or lie. Why does Harry not see this, when even naïve me started to doubt here?
Has Harry lost his strong sense to detect lies, because he wanted to trust Lucas / John?

He very easily finds excuses and makes Vaughan the real seducer of an innocent young John Bateman in the roof-discussion at the end of 9.8.
This whole discussion on the roof between Lucas / John and Harry somehow did not ring true to me. I cannot place my finger on my reasons for doubting it. But I had the impression Lucas /John was holding something back and Harry too easily fooled. Lucas / John was emotionally in it, but not in the way he told us and Harry.

From Harry I also missed some sign of real emotion or understanding for Lucas. He sees a man braking down in front of him and all he does is getting him over the edge (literally). He hits Lucas’ identity crisis and twists and stirs till his opponent brakes completely. – I would interpret this either that Harry desperately wanted to die there on this roof or that he knew something we don’t.

(The bad thing is, for any possible solution I will have to wait till Spooks 10. And after Spooks 9 I do not set my full trust in the scriptwriters to solve anything.)

I would really like to know, if you had the same impression with the last dialogue between Lucas/John and Harry.
Because I think that perhaps at the ending I already was so muddled up with all the unsolved story threads that I did not believe anything any longer and just doubted this in itself believable part as well.

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