Tuesday 16 November 2010

Just one Step Closer ...

First I thought, I could post "Just one step closer to understanding", but I am still far away from understanding "Spooks 9".
Still, bccmee's video uploaded on YouTube today, brought me a bit closer to accepting the story developments.
Her editing of film clips concerning the story and background of Lucas North / John Bateman is so brilliantly done, that I thought, why could not have Spooks 9 shown the events in such a way.


  1. Yes, I agree. This video helped me very much to accept what I had to, but in a better way...

  2. @phylly3
    Yes, I agree with you. Before I opened the video by bccmee, I hesitated a bit wondering if I was ready enough to see something concerning Spooks 9.
    But as I love all videos by bccmee, I watched her video and was amazed how well she had been able to get things into the right context and explain the events.