Monday 15 November 2010

In Peace with the Scriptwriters

It took me a while, but after the last article and going back to watching „Strike Back“, I now can say, that I am somewhat in peace with the way „Spooks 9“ turned out.
I did not understand the series in progress and – like others already have commented in abundance – I found the film character Lucas North / John Bateman acting exceedingly stupid.
Love can turn a person stupid, but a love reawakened after 15 years?
Why should a film character reported for his cleverness and shown as an absolutely brilliant thinker, forget all his talent and professional instinct from one day to the other?
You see, I am still not content with some (a lot of) things in series 9. But at least I somewhat come to terms with it.
Here I must add, that John Porter helped with this process – and Uhtred from “The Lords of the North”. (Many thanks to Mr. Peter Royle from, whose remarkably friendly help made it possible for me to listen to this audio-book.)
But leaving my most favourite character (Lucas North) behind is hard for me. He was the reason I became an RA-fan, though I saw him in “North and South” before. This special actor gained my attention in an interview concerning his first appearance in “Spooks” and made me a “Spooks”-fan in the process. So I can pretend Lucas North does not matter so much for me as the actor himself.
But his end (?) as spook left me unsatisfied and bursting with questions for which I now can never find the answers.
All my previous career I tried to find answers to my questions. With “Spooks 9” I am left stranded with a horrible amount of them.
So I have to quench my dissatisfaction with other characters of RA. An Uhtred with his 3 females at least has a fulfilling and gripping love story.
When I am over my mourning for a wasted character, I will try to get deeper into the unsolved storylines of “Spooks 9”. This will be a kind of therapy to completely get rid of my disappointment.

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  1. I re-heard the first audio-CD of "The Lords of the North" again and must correct:
    Uhtred had 4 women, not 3. I left out one, Isolde - not to mention the 'marks on the bench' ;o)