Friday 29 June 2012

RA and His Showing Good Sense

The basis and image source I refer to in the following article, is documented and collected here on

(I for the first time try to link to a day's link on, so I hope this link works correctly for the 23rd of June, 2012. But I did not want to snoop pictures from personal Tumblr accounts, which you most likely will have seen by now anyway.)

The whole discussion about RA being shy or hesitant to put himself forward, deriving from a short appearance on a theatre stage, has irritated me greatly, I must admit, especially considering the short sequence we have to judge him upon.

For one, I don't think we as fans can tell anything from that short sequence of him either being shy or not.
For another, my first reaction to his going to the back of the stage and all the actors falling down at once was - what foresight and excellent planning ;o)
So the first comments really made me shake my head in astonishment, when I discovered that this was read as a sign of him being shy.

Would you like to fall on somebody else? I certainly wouldn't.
I'd rather have someone falling on me than falling to an unsure ground with hard and soft parts of other people scattered around. (And be assured, people have really hard parts which are quite uncomfortable to get in sudden contact with ;o)
So the safe, even and reliably hard surface of the theatre stage floor would be much more preferable to me, as I could perfectly calculate the fall.

I certainly would not have liked to lie somewhere in the bulk of bodies in the middle of the stage, however impressive their falling at once was.
So my reaction to RA and seeing the short video was, what utter good sense RA possesses.

Shy? - No.
Clever? - Yes !!!


  1. I can see your point, but I don't think people are making assumptions based upon just this one event.

    Instead, many seem to be taking it into consideration along with past appearances and interviews. Add this brief appearance to the compiled data (which is of course limited and incomplete) and I think it just reaffirms the belief that many already hold about him being a shy person.

    1. Thank you very much for commenting, memythoughtsandwhoknows!
      I agree, people don't just judge him based on this one occasion. Still, the whole flood of discussion this appearance caused, took me by surprise, when my interpretation was so completely different ;o)
      I just wanted to put in mind, that we interpret his behaviour based on what we think he does and for reasons we put on him - something I clearly did here, while I came to a completely different conclusion than most. Perhaps because I have a fear of falling ;o)

  2. I have totally missed out on any discussions about this thing that happend at the theater in Wellington, where part of the Hobbit cast came on stage with Ian McKellen. I have seen a few videos of it though.

    I didn't think at all about Richard backing off and placing himself at the back row. It was naturall to me that he took his position where he was directed to be.
    And it is naturall that he would be placed in the back row since he is taller than most of the others.

    I didn't see that as him being shy.
    And I agree with you on the subject of if fans KNOW him or not.
    The answer is NO.
    I think that it's not so easy for people outside his circle of friends and family to really know him.

    1. Thank you very much for commenting, Benita, and a warm welcome here on the blog!

  3. Just my 2 cents ;)

    I think the discussion as mentioned by memythoughtsandwhoknows, is based not only in those few mins but in what each has seen of his public appearances as himself so far.

    Also, most fans are aware that whatever our impressions of his gestures and stances, it could have little to do with the truth because we judge or interpret things according to our own experiences so what we think means something to each one, could mean another thing slightly or completely different to another.

    In conclusion, the feeling I get from those discussions is that we share our impressions, without claiming that it is the real thing.
    If RA ever read them probably would be amused/shaking his head at our 'readings' or nodding fervently, who knows!

    OML :)

    1. Thank you very much, onemorelurker1!
      Your defense of the discussion and also memythoughtsandwhoknows' slowly make me wonder if I perhaps have expressed myself poorly.
      I don't criticise the discussion (!), I just was astonished, that it was so commonly the main reading and that I was so completely off the mark with my own reading and wanted to push out my own differing interpretation of the same material ;o)
      I hope nobody feels I have criticised him or her for discussion her thoughts. I am strictly against censorship in our nice and lovely fandom.

  4. Thank you for your reply, I think I misread the tone of your post, now I understand what you wanted to express :).

    OML :)

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback, onemorelurker1 !

  5. ....but of course C.Doart:),he's clever and knows his place in the row..........aaaand he's shy.:D

  6. I don't think anyone who elects to be in the performing arts is shy. But then, I find labels such as introvert/extrovert/shy/outgoing are not defining. Most people are more complex and more nuanced in reactions to given circumstances. I suspect that Mr. A is/has always been and will be very focused on his chosen profession; that he has found an interview persona, which fits his personality, and has become increasingly adept at projecting it. Just think, what does any of us wish to project at, for say, a job interview? We do act, don't we? But we find a projection in tune with who we are....


  7. We are all bundles of contRAdictions and RA is no exception. We cannot be categorized and classified and codified. ;)