Friday 15 June 2012

A Fan-Dream Come True ...

A fan dream come true - or rather a fan-dream for a brave fan. (I had nightmares only thinking about being in fedoralady's position myself. Fortunately, I after a while was able to calm my stomach down again ;o)
Potentially meeting Mr. Armitage or rather taking a job just to meet Mr. Armitage is a very brave encounter and one I want to support.
As I am financially not that well off right now to support fedoralady in a substantial way, I at least want to promote her endeavour to encourage further support for her.

If you can and want to support her, here is her blog with more details what she intends and plans and with news and updates about her adventure:


(The donation button for this brave adventure - "An Unexpected Journey" to the Comic-Con in San Diego - is at the top right in the sidebar.)

Maybe she could ask Mr. Armitage about King Richard? - Oh, my nightmare about being in fedoralady's position, must somehow have been transformed into a happy dream, to come to this conclusion ;o)

Lots of luck and a wonderful time at the Comic-Con in San Diego, fedoralady !

Please let us know about your experiences and please also write a bit about San Diego. The town really looks interesting itself and well worth a visit.

San Diego (by tornicio77 - shared on and

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