Saturday 2 June 2012

My Horoscope Recommends ... N&S for Today

Can you believe that even my horoscope knows that I should watch "North & South" today?

You don't believe me?

Read it for yourself:

"This is a great day to stay home and read, especially since your mind is particularly receptive to unusual ideas. The Internet, as well as videos and TV documentaries could be most informative."

And this is not invented or taken from another day, but perfectly today's horoscope for me ;o)

If this is not a clear instruction to join the "North & South" group watch this evening (starting UK time 7 p.m.) today.

To all readers from the U.K., have a great Coronation Jubilee weekend!
(I hope you don't think I am subversive with my crowning another king here on my blog ;o)


  1. Hello CDoart :) I'm sorry for little absence on Your blog. I consider that You should do exacly what horoscope is saying for this day :)

    1. Welcome back, Jonia's cut. I hope you had a good time!
      The group watch is over now and it was a great way to spend the evening. I drank some red wine and urgently must go to bed now. Don't know why even a little bit makes me so sleepy ;o)

    2. Haha, brilliant horoscope!

    3. @bccmee
      When even the horoscope knows, I must be quite obvious ;o)