Saturday 30 June 2012

My 2 Cents of Advice for Entrepreneurs or: Why RA Should Make Debts

Be forewarned, the following article has more realism/pessimism than some of you might like in the fictional world of RA-fandom. So be forewarned and don’t read any further, if you want to keep politics and business separate from fandom!
The article came up as a result to the discussion, currently active in the fan community, what fans can know and might contribute to RA and his career. I am not telling, I am such a sound advisor, but the discussion brought up my reflections upon my own way. So it is not to say, RA should ever act upon my advice. Heavens NO!!! He is his own man and has advisors and good meaning suggestions enough. He certainly does not need me. The article is about ME and my musings and fears about my pet-project King Richard, and as the article contains hard earned life experience, I am also not overly open for discussion. This is not a mild reminder, but a really meant WARNING!

My No. 1 Business Tip!
Rob the bank crazy with an enormous credit loan and have a good time!

You will surely shake your head in wonderment and will ask: is CDoart now completely crazy?
[By the way, my answer to this would be: Yes, was that ever in question? ;o) ]
What does she want now with a bank loan or why should an entrepreneur and especially RA necessarily get one to do his filming project?

I built a business – unnecessary to mention, I did not get a bank loan, as I had not made the experiences back then, I made in the meantime.
Every (!) convention, price jury and politician asked me the same question:
Do you have a bank loan and at which bank?
I of course answered truthfully with ‘No’ and at first was utterly astonished about the irrelevance of such a question.

The result every time was, I neither got support, nor was I considered to be exhibited or mentioned or even allowed to take part in (to the outside world promoted as objective) contests.

So my suggestion, take a loan, as large as you can manage to get and have a good time with the money. Because then politicians, institutions, and especially banks have a very great interest, that your business somehow succeeds, without you needing to do the hard work for your success.
Let the others do the work, when they so blindly insist on such a stupid system.

I even approached a parliamentarian with a suggestion for his ministry’s special resort. You may ask what I could possibly get as response to prove my point here, as a suggestion for a ministry is nothing that would concern my money or banks, but now in hindsight I can even smile about the inability of a minister to read (or perhaps they learned to read, but not to understand?). I got back a long list of banks and institutions, who could possibly give me a bank loan, as if that would solve everything. And if this did not work, the minister himself would get in contact with a bank to get me a bank loan for my business. (I had not been aware before that politicians were advertising outposts of banks.)
Really kind of him and I even thanked him for his consideration, but had to decline his offer. [I am polite, am I not? ;o) ]
No word about the suggestion I made for his ministry – and that after nearly half a year of waiting for a response!

At least here I got an answer. I had approached the minister responsible for a part of my business area with a suggestion as well. He did not respond at all, though my letter - obvious for even a superficial reader - was neither spam nor self-advertisement. Very effective politicians here, it seems.

But why do I mention that here and now on this blog and as an advice for RA how to do his filming project?
Because, I fear, having good roles and earning money is not the background getting RA any closer to filming “King Richard III”.
He would need a large amount of debts, so that politicians as well as banks will have a high interest in pushing him forward to do projects to earn back the money to pay the debts and especially  will allow him to avoid all the advertisement restrictions, otherwise so handily put against non-members of their 'club'.

Sorry for such a pessimistic world view earned the hard way ;o)
I hope, RA has a better concept how to realise my dream project “King Richard III” !

P.S.: To win broad support is the more relevant, as King Richard is a very uncomfortable topic for politicians. It reminds them that they could be replaced ;o)

So that were my 2 cents why I think hard work does not earn a just reward ;o)


  1. I love the comment concerning replacement of politicians! (Elizabeth I had similar reservations.:D )


    1. Thank you very much, fitzg!
      I am sometimes amazed what a sensitive topic King Richard III still seems to be.