Wednesday, 2 November 2011

King Richard Armitage - Fan-Art Event

The presentation of fan-contributions has started today with the first contribution, stormy looking King Richard!

KingRichardArmitage, the website with the petition in support of the filming project by Richard Armitage, has a resource site now,
the Richard-Fan-Art page.
This website will collect all fan-contributions and present all related blog posts of the fandom.

Enjoy and have fun with 'our' King Richard !


  1. Off to a great start!Love the artist's interview.

  2. @Fabulaktuko
    Thank you very much! She is a very nice lady and it was a joy to correspond with her.
    I am cutt off from my main working computer once again and if I did not sometimes love computers, I would really hate them. So everything goes via work arounds at the moment.

  3. I'm honored to have also participated in the Fan-Art project. Thanks for inviting me. :) I too enjoyed the debut artwork and interview.