Monday 14 November 2011

BCCMEE Has a Big Day Today !

Completely unbelievable, John Porter almost forgetting bccmee's birthday? He must remedy that immediately ;o)

Wouldn't we all want to be taken on a trip by this driver?

Happy Birthday, bccmee!!!

P.S.: bccmee is the fan-artist of the week on KingRichardArmitage. Go to the presentation with fan-art by bccmee here.


  1. Thanks for the lovely birthday greeting cards! It was great to see them on my facebook page. And it's great that you have them posted here as well because everything disappears from facebook so quickly. I had such a fun day. I appreciate all your amazing support of my cRAy-cRAy graphics. :D

  2. @bccmee
    Thank you, bccmee. You make fandom a real 'fundom' and immense joy ;o)
    I also had been sorry that the pictures disappeared so soon on Facebook and wanted to keep them more available. I love Porter as well and can't get enough of him (a bit of a selfish reason to post your birthday pictures ;o)
    It is good to hear that you had a wonderful day!
    Thank you for cRAy-cRAy and your birthday PortEmber and all your creative ideas !!!