Saturday 19 November 2011

Bccmee and an Addictive Porter-Game

Are you a beard-fan or want to dress John Porter according to one of RA's further roles?
Bccmee now made it possible with her flash-game in her second PortEmber post!

See, what her game did with me ;o)

Unerringly my creations revolve around a certain king of hearts.
In my view he should get more than one horse for his kingdom, he should get a film with lots of horses in it ;o)

Please support the petition for the filming of "King Richard III" and spread the word about the efforts. Thank you !


  1. Oh wow, that's very clever! I *L♥ve* your caption too. It's quite brilliant! *applause!* Thanks so much for posting your creation! *HUGS*

  2. @bccmee
    Thank you, bccmee ;o)
    I just could not resist, your game was too tempting! Thank you for all the fun with it!!!

  3. Fantastic - loooove it. Can picture it as a billboard on one of Londons squares. LOL:

  4. @alfie
    Thank you so much, Alfie! An advertisement for King Richard in London squares, him 'coming back' to reign over London, what a great idea ;o) I very much love that ;o)))