Saturday 12 November 2011

1st Bloggiversary

It took me a long time to decide what to write about my first bloggiversary.
At first I thought about writing about why I started the blog and why I maintained it, but this is not really, what interests me about my blog. (I am a boring necessity for the blog, so why write about me ;o)
So lately I came more and more to the idea to collect, what the blog gives me.

First I must add that I did not expect to get any readers, so the start was clearly not made with any intention to write for others to read my stuff. Sorry for that, but I greatly enjoy having readers! Thank you for bearing me and staying with me during my tweaks and turns and struggles!!!!

You will have recognized:

* that I don't care for actual events and the covering of the news. That is for other blogs to do who do it greatly. I am a bit more carefree and take up what I just read or stumble over, which need not be of any current kind, but lately is mostly connected to our 'secret' King of Hearts, King Richard Armitage.

* that you can't really expect news from "The Hobbit" here on my blog. I bear it, as Mr. Armitage is in it and I admire the elaborate video techniques and perfect marketing campaign. If I were born again, I would like to develop camera technic (but then I would most likely have to be born a man to get into such a job and that I would rather not like, as then I most likely would not find the RA-fandom and that would absolutely not be bearable ;o). Who would help me over my (computer) problems then?

* that I have two computers, supporting me in my fandom to Mr. Armitage: one computer is named after a fantasy character I put RA into, Max (Maximilian) and another, Schnuckie with a new by-name "Schnuckie Schlawuckie" (= sorry, an adequate English translation for that name is just beyond me. [Perhaps it is best explained with: Schnuckie is a bit like 'darling', but perhaps a bit more informal than that. Schlawuckie is a tender way to say someone is quite annoying and tricky and most importantly you do not hold a lasting grudge against this person or in my case computer ;o)]

* that I do like RA in most of his roles and avoid others.
The one's I like exceedingly are John Thornton, John Porter, Lucs North (Al Delarmy ;o), John Mulligan (swoon - I surely would end up in prison with a John Mulligan around ;o), I like some of his smaller roles like the free spirited Ricky Deeming and even was surprised that I very much liked him as Percy Courtney in "Miss Mary Lloyd", Captain Ian Macalwain and as unpretentious and nice Claude Monet or as the 'dutiful' husband in "Frozen".
Some other roles are quite entirely missing on my blog and I avoid mentioning them, as they irritate me ;o) [That is the prerogative of 'boring me' ;o)]

So as a sum up, on my blog, I do what I like and don't bother with things I don't ;o)

Now what about a jubilee celebration and why a jubilee is so important for me:

* I want to say thank you to my blog, for what he did for me. (My blog is once again a thing which is, quite necessarily, male for me like my computers, which/who ;o) bring and connect me to RA news and information.)

* I want to say thank you to you, my readers, for supporting me, giving me feedback, support and most of all, your open friendship. THANK YOU!!!!
Thank you also for opening a new world for me during this year of blogging, a world of openness, understanding and encouragement. 

* Thank you for your contributions into fandom, fan-art, fan-videos and fan curiosity ;o) Your contributions keep me alive, when once again my computer brakes down or in a chaotic work day things just get completely out of hand and start to be absolutely crazy. Your nice support stops the world from spinning uncontrollably and brings my focus back to the nice and important things which are dear to my heart. Thank you!!!

* Especially I want to thank the one person who is the reason for all this and stands in the centre of this blog: Mr. Richard Armitage. Thank you for giving the wonderful impression of being an exceptional person and for giving inspiration to so many.

Now you really have deserved a treat, for I kept you so long with talking about what is important to me, though I at the beginning had not wanted to speak about 'boring me' ;o)

To celebrate, I want to do this with one of my favourite videos by bccmee, who is our fan-artist of the week on KingRichardArmitage. Please click through her various works, tutorials and fascinating images and videos, some of which are linked in the celebrating articles mentioned on Richard-Fan-Art. (On the Richard-Fan-Art page we try to collect the news and blog articles about Richard Armitage and King Richard III, though the page still has quite some potential for optimisation.)

Bccmee's video "Do you know your enemy?" to music by Green Day impresses me every time. Though in my daily live the enemy normally is not so clearly defined as in the video, still it helps greatly to fight mine ;o)

My blog and this video have one thing in common in this case, as both help me to fight my enemies, in- and outside of me ;o)

Now I need to prepare for a new year of blogging. I promise to come back to "Intrigue". I have such a lot of notes I must sort through to get some things in the right order to continue halfway consistent.

Thank YOU for your help in a wonderful blogging year!


  1. Congratulations and Happy Bloggiversary! *HUGS* I'm so delighted to have "met" you online and I appreciate all your hard work and creativity in supporting our little community. Here's to many more years to come!!!

  2. Happy Happy First Bloggiversary!
    Hope that it continues to be fun for you, that is the main thing! Hope for lots of wonderful adventures in the future and many RA dreams my friend :)

  3. @bccmee and @Fabulaktuko
    Thank you very, very much, bccmee and Fabolaktuko! It is a joy to have 'met' you online and you and your support are the reason, why blogging and creating things for fandom continue to be fun.
    Thank you for being here!

  4. CONGRATULATION!!! What a nice resume of your ideas behind your posts and why you post them. If we all posted the hobbit news or the new gorgeous pictures, this blog world would be soooo boring. So HORRAY for your blog, which is something else.
    I am happy to know you online, and honored to be included in your KRA project, eventhough my knowledge to english history is very little :-)

    RA Hugs

  5. Congrats CDoart. What an accomplishment. As long as you love it, that's all that matters. But there is the added bonus that your readers love your blog too :D

  6. Schnuckie Schlawuckie: "my sweet patootie?" Not literal but perhaps similar in sentiment. Happy blogiversary!

  7. Happy Blogiversary! Loving it is all that matters. Here's to next year!

  8. Happy blogoversary! Hope you'll have a great second year as well. :D

  9. Congratulations on your first year of RA blogging. We all have slightly different perspectives to explore. I am always interested in yours! Thanks for all your work with the King Richard III project and here's hoping there'll be some good news on that front very soon!

  10. I am leaving my blog alone for a while and see what is happening ;o)
    Thank you very much for all your greetings and wishes!!!
    I will answer to each of you individually. I am so thankful that you come over and enjoy reading my blog. That is the greatest present to me! Thank you!!!

  11. @alfie
    It is such a joy for me to have met you online, Alfie!!! Thank you very much for your support with KRA! It is not so much about history, but about a dream project for our dream man ;o)
    I hope it will work out and it is a lot of fun to dream together ;o)

  12. @calexora
    It is so good to hear from you, Calexora. I hope all is well!!!
    Thank you very much for your lovely feedback. What an encouragement for the new blogging-year ;o)

  13. @servetus
    Thank you, Servetus! Also many thanks for your lovely Shout-out !!!
    I searched for the meaning of "patootie". I must admit, I had never heard the word so far. I am not sure if it is not too nice for my computer ;o)
    I forgot to give you a hint about the meaning of "Schlawuckie". It is a derivation from "Schlawiner". I found a colloquial translation as "smooth operator" for this word. Schlawuckie is a more endearing form for "Schlawiner", what my computer indeed seems to be. Hopefully he is willing to stay with me, now that he is back and won't trick me overly much ;o)

  14. yeah, I had no idea bout Schlawuckie. Schnucki I've heard many times. May your computer be ever faithful :)

    "my sweet patootie" is a term of endearment between octogenarians, I think, but it can also be used sarcastically. May you never feel sarcastic about Schnuckie. :)

  15. @judiang & @Traxy
    Thank you very much for your lovely words of encouragement, Judiang and Traxy! It is a joy to continue and go into a second year ;o)

  16. @phylly3
    Thank you very much, Phylly! I hope that our efforts with KRA will have a positive influence on the project, too. Lets wait and see and in the meantime, lets have some fun with the collective dreaming about our dream man in his dream role ;o) (not dwarfed, but growing beyond himself ;o)

  17. @servetus
    Thank you very much for the explanation. I love your word analysis!!! It is no wonder you did not come across "Schlawuckie" so far. It would perhaps be used for children (cleverly avoiding punishment for something bad they did) and is perhaps a special Bavarian/Austrian word ;o)