Tuesday 12 November 2013

Crazy - Or: What I Want from RA

Today, after a long while, I once again listened to some music I had not heard for years.
The group causing a musical revolution back when they published their music – and by the way were forbidden to listen to at my school (while I put my CD into the CD-player of my choir teacher [I know neither you nor she ever expected that from me of all pupils ;o) It did go well. I was not expelled, but rather we had a wonderful discussion about Gregorian choral because of it, which I loved to sing and our choir was one of the very, very (!) few who sang them before that CD came out ;o) ]

But why I mention it here and today is, that I recognized more clearly, what I want of RA and what aspects I am not interested in.

The group doing the music was involved in a rather nasty extreme-sex-money-scandal-rumour kind of thing and later broke apart.
That did not influence my appreciation of their music one bit.
I can’t even tell you the details or specifics of the scandal back then, because I was not interested in it in the least.
Their music was wonderful and that was all I was concerned about. Their interpretation of music and Gregorian choral was unsurpassed. Even their second or third CD did not get anywhere near the quality of the first one, but perhaps the scandal already caused the quality to suffer or the extreme ... Whatever, it did not work any longer to produce quality. But all the others trying to jump onto their lead did not reach their quality either.

With RA – I know I don’t speak for other fans here – I am rather not especially interested in his private life and feel rather uncomfortable hearing too much about that. (Nothing has changed in that regard since the beginning of my fandom, though I had expected it to.)

While I am extremely sensitive that he is put into a position to be able to produce the highest quality of work I know he is able to give. So in a way, I still am interested in his surrounding, just to be certain he can work well.

Does that make any sense or is that just another sign of the crazy routs and circles my mind takes?


  1. Gregorian chants can be very relaxing to listen to. Could you imagine RA playing a Gregorian monk? :D

    I think ... with RA, I guess it's nice to know more about him as himself, but there is a line somewhere where it goes from "that's nice" to "too much information". Right now, I'm not quite sure where that line is. Maybe it's one of those "we'll cross that bridge when we get to it" things. You don't know where the line is until it's over-stepped.

    1. Oh, Traxy. Please excuse my late answer. With all my work and Christmas coming up so fast, I overlooked your comments. Sorry !
      RA as monk - what an idea. The long 'habit' would look good on him, I think. We just need to find a good screenplay to make it interesting for him ;o)
      Fortunately, I did not find my line yet and hope I never will. It is just too good to have RA in my life.