Saturday 23 November 2013

The Eternal Question: To Go or Not to Go

Slowly news and hints come out that RA might attend the European Premiere Event of "The Desolation of Smaug" in Berlin, the capital of my country, on the 9th of December 2013.

My position that I don't want to stand at a red carpet event has not changed.
And Berlin is about as available for me as would be e.g. London, or any other European town, so quite an effort and amount of time to reach it and invest into the effort.

But RA in Germany !!!

That now is something where I really would like to show my support and show that RA already has fans in Germany. (Though German reporters still avoid mentioning him in news about "The Hobbit".)

I even would have a business contact in Berlin already awaiting my visit and so I could combine pleasure and work.
But, what holds me back is:
I am currently so embedded in work that till Christmas I should rather work night and day.
If something should go awry, I am sure I will accuse myself mercilessly.

So can I - rationally thinking - convince myself to show support, spend money I shouldn't and burn time I do not have, or will sesible thoughts win the battle?
Would my bad conscience cloud my perception of the whole event in Berlin and especially taint my perception of RA? - As far as I know me, certainly! I am very good at destroying the pleasure of a situation with supposed bad conscience.

So my solution:
Creating a welcome banner for our King visiting Berlin from FanClub Munich ...
And the really wonderful thing is, I have a fellow fan in town, who might even take the banner with her on her visit to Berlin and the Premiere Event. Thank you, (You know who you are) !!!!


  1. The more I see of these events from afar, the less attractive I find them ... love the flag.

    1. Thank you very much, Servetus.
      I hope they will transmit and show the event online somehow, so that I at least can follow a bit from afar.
      I am very curious how the RA reception in Berlin will be, after all the silence about RA here in Germany.

  2. I agree with Servetus. While it sounds like a great thing, at the same time ... so many people, so much yelling and screaming ... and unless you can camp out by the place, you might not even get to see any of the actors because there would be a lot of people in the way.

    On the flip side ... it would be a one-of-a-kind adventure! :)

    1. I did not go, as you might have presumed ;o)
      I feared my own reprimanding, but also the masses, the discontent with all the stress and hectic and just me being tired and cranky.
      What I would have enjoyed would have been meeting other fans, having a fun day out with them, chatting, adoring, anticipating, waiting, hoping and just talking about all we care about and like in general, not only RA, but he certainly would have been a major part of that.
      As you say, a one-of-a-kind adventure!
      I stayed home and at least am a little tiny minor bit further in finalizing my project. Not really content, but at least I did not give myself reason to punish myself for straying from work.