Saturday 20 July 2013

Sorry about Intrigue ...

You will have recognized by now, that my meeting with Al Delarmy in Hamburg did not happen.
I was spared the meeting and gruesome and fearful place I thought I would have to visit.

Fortunately, all the mess was not about me. I was at the ends of my nerves when I got the 'invitation' letter alone and feared to even tear it open and discover the reason for it.
Fortunately, I would have only had to appear as a 'sidenote'. (No more details from me here ;o)

Oh no, not against Al Delarmy.
He is still safe and undetected in Hamburg and enjoys life.
As I leave him for so long, perhaps he by now enjoyes it a littel too much for my liking and I really need to call him back to do his duty in his story. ;o)

You see, "Intrigue" has not completely left my mind, just the discussion with Al Delarmy about my subject, the procedure and the problems he wanted to make me go through could not take place as planned.
Some real life events also intervened, so the story will continue even slower than I had initially anticipated.

So, please keep your patience. I try, but at the moment planning and preparations for

KRA Week 2013 (21. - 28. August 2013) 

come first.

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