Friday 25 May 2012

Men on a Telephone - ARGHHH .... - I urgently need some RA-Therapy!

Today, during work, I suddenly get a call on my mobile phone. I never get a call there, as I normally don't give out this number and I am generally available on my other phone which also is my business phone all day long anyway.
A man I don't know, speaking quite familiarly to me, oh, I just need to remember him. Do I? Oh ... yes..., he is the contact who liked my business site on Facebook today.
What do you think he wanted ... - No! You are wrong, no information about my company.

He wanted to invite me into a concert at the weekend. He comes down from his northern town to my town and just had the congenial idea, after he saw my picture, I could fill his spare time up nicely.

My thoughts were rather close to: Could I strangle him through a mobile telephone line?

Why on earth did he 'like' my business page? To soften me up for his approach?

Now, after taking a calming shower, my thoughts are going round what picture I could use on my Facebook profile instead? Oh, I have the idea, I should take a picture of my father! - But that would not match the name... Not good. It also would irritate the professional contacts who already know me by sight. So perhaps better leave it as it is.

Did I ever tell you what I think about German behaviour in social networks? - Better don't ask! (And fortunately there are exceptions, even to bad rules.)

And most fortunately of all, there is a therapy to go to and calm down ;o)

One man who only utters sensible things during interviews, where others would be short for words. Who even can nicely hold his ground, even in interviews with chatty interviewers.

John Mulligan can take me out to dinner any time he likes ;o)
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Tomorrow, I will start into a wonderfully long weekend (Pfingsten) and will be far away from 'sofisticated southern town life'.

Have a nice weekend and wherever possible, hopefully a long and sunny one!


  1. I'm not sure about cultural differences, but it sounds flattering that he asked you on a date. :) It can be difficult to meet new people in this day and age and, well, it never hurts to ask!

    1. Hello Bccmee! Thank you very much, for consoling me.
      I would think about it as a nice idea as well, if the man in question even thought about to ask. At least, he even took the trouble to finding out my mobile number. But he did think about it as a done thing, as it is so gracious of him having to come down to my town because of his concert business project anyway, and not even bothered to 'ask'. Fortunately, I am far away from town and had that as an easy and true escape route ;o)
      It took me a while into the call, till I recognized what he wanted and that it had nothing to do with my business.
      Surely would have been quite funny to watch ;o)

  2. Funny chap!:)...or ...entertaining freak;)
    Have a nice weekend,C.Doart!:D

    1. Hello Joanna.
      I think of him as an entertaining freak. He would have had a much easier position, if he made his intent more clear to me and not mingled it with business. I can be very business like and was quite slow to understand that this was not his point of interest ;o)
      Have a nice and sunny weekend as well, Joanna!

  3. Hmm, how are your privacy settings on Facebook? I have two accounts - one that's very access restricted and I only add people to friends list that I actually know in real life. Even there, I don't have my address or telephone number listed. The other account is more open, but contains even less useful details. :) The pages I run that have page owners visible have the "open" account listed.

    1. Hello Traxy,
      Sorry for my late feedback.
      Should I admit, I have two as well ;o) and I don't list my telephone number on the personal account, but on the business pages, my business websites are listed and there the telephone number needs to be mentioned as well to fulfill the legal requirements in Germany.
      Still he must have been creative and have searched for me in the telephone register to find my mobile number ;o)
      But his business approach was not very clever. I am much too slow to comprehend that he had other intentions ;o)