Monday 14 May 2012

Fan-Art Continued

Inspired by JazRangoon's creative idea, I continued with drawing, to get my mind focused.

As I am not so talented with colours or free drawing and painting myself, I went back to my black-and-white projects.
Some went well, others not so much (I will spare you the total spoils ;o)

I also have some images, where RA appeares softer, but you will immediately recognize, they do not resemble him that well.

That got me thinking, why I especially have pictures of an angry looking Richard Armitage around. They are on my working desk, behind me on my shelf (to get me back to work ;o)...

Astonishingly, RA looking severe and angry has the best effect on my working mood. I think it has to do, that as a ground tendency, I want to please and so an angry looking RA has the best effect on me trying to work harder to please ;o)
Not that it entirely works that way, fortunately we are much too complicated for that. But fortunately I have a few people around me who believe in me, as that is a very good motivator for me to work as well. As I doubt myself, only my doubts otherwise would motivate me to prove me wrong and I must admit, I am very hard to please.

So it is much better to have an angry looking RA around ;o)


  1. I find it rather humorous that angry RA characters motivate you. ;)

    Your work is very lovely. It gives the hint and essence of RA and not an exact replica which I totally admire and appreciate. Hope to see more of your work!

    1. Thank you very much, bccmee!
      I admit, I love RA, when he smiles or looks relaxed, but that would distract me from work (for hours ;o)

  2. WOW!!! This is VERY unique! and Beautiful :)