Thursday, 10 May 2012

Creative Fan-Art Project

I re-watched Spooks 7 – 10 lately.
The stunning thing for me was that Spooks 9 suddenly made more sense, whereas I still – or even more so than before – was disappointed about Spooks 10. Even some of the sentences uttered sounded a bit out of character / context / stiff / cliché, and I had to drag myself through the episodes, whereas Spooks 9 at least every minute was gripping. But let’s better talk about something else ;o)

e.g. about the "North & South" group-watch on 1st / 2nd of June 2012, initiated by Fanny/iz4blue. More details can be found on her specially created blog here.

And JasRangoon had such a brilliant idea, I as a rather minor artistically talented person had to take up immediately.
As I could not leave or send her the picture, I publish it here as a response to her blog post.

She suggested 'colouring' greyscale printed images of Richard Armitage and posted an example.

Here is my response and funny experiment in colouring CBeeBies

It was great fun and also set me back on a bit of a creative path again.
My further experiments and results will follow in the next days ;o)


  1. You have some great coloring skills! I should have put my email address in that post so people could email their colored pages to me. Do you mind if I share your picture on my blog?

    1. Thank you very much, memythoughtsandwhoknows!
      You are very welcome to use the coloured picture on your blog!
      It was great fun to create the pictures and I especially like the yellow and green striped little dinosaur in the back, who is admiring RA. It certainly must be a female dinosaur ;o)

  2. A well-done team effort! :D Great coloring skills, CDoart. This was a fun idea.

    1. Thank you very much, bccmee !
      Colouring RA with an admiring little dinosaur in the background just was such great fun ;o)