To enable donations to the German charity for Guylty's father, I can collect donations here and will meticulously forward them to the charity account.

(If there should be problems with the Link-Button, please try the direct donation link PayPal provides to be shared e.g. in e-mails: PayPal-Donation
If you are unsure about the details, if the donation went through or need to get in contact with me, please send an e-mail to cdoart(at)

Donation receipts and updates will be posted here, so you will be kept abreast of how much money is collected and what happens to your donated money.

Update: 08.07.2014 - 11 p.m.
Donation payment transferred today!

Amount (EURO): € 77,84 (= US$ 105.81) with today's exchange rate (determined via

(This does not mean you can't donate any longer. Any further incoming donations will be transferred to the charity separately.)

Update: 30.06.2014 - 3 p.m.
Sorry ! Made an error with the confirmation pages of the Donation Button, but checked with a very friendly hotline guy from PayPal and now can sort that problem out. Payments went through and will be confirmed by PayPal separately.
Sorry to all those, who were erroneously sent to my business confirmation page !


  1. Hello. PayPal keeps telling me I am not entering the amount I wish to donate in the correct format- but I am following the instructions: XX.00 Any ideas as to what is wrong?

    1. I just tried it and though the settings for the button should be for US$, I am lead into the German surrounding and need to enter the amount with a comma.
      But I get a total amount which also shows the comma instead of the point.
      I think it depends from which country you enter the PayPal platform.

      _ I will also include the PayPal Link for E-Mail environments above, which reliably links to the USD entry form. Perhaps that helps. _

  2. In German amounts are written with a comma, not a decimal point. - Maybe that's the problem?