Saturday 5 July 2014

To Catch a Cactus...

It would have been better, if I had done that figuratively and not literally.
But when did I ever do the prudent thing?

Well, almost never.

So, I did literally catch a cactus. Not only with one hand, but with both.
I only became aware of what was sailing down to earth in front of me, when I already had the thorns deeply embedded in my hands. It was an old - and heavy! - cactus.
Fortunately, I left out my fingers. So, as long as I don't lay my hands on the computer, but only use my fingers and don't move the wrists, I still can be fan and access the lovely fan reports and reviews of how "The Crucible" and Richard Armitage's performance is received by the journalists.

Shock aside, I survived the cactus and its long needles, even though some went straight into my wrists. And my advice should you come into a similar situation is, to remove the thorns under shock oneself, as it is less painful than waiting, as some have recommended to me, and wait to let it be done by a doctor. I was very fortunate, that I wore my wrist watch at the time and at least some areas were protected by it. Still, I look a bit like I have had a fight with an angry cat.

But the balm of wonderful reviews about this "production of electrifying intensity" (Charles Spencer, The Telegraph, 04.07.2014) is a healing elixir completely on its own.

Thank you, Servetus, for keeping us updated ! 

Richard Armitage with Samantha Colley and Yael Farber at the after-party for "The Crucible" (London, 03.07.2014)

P.S.: Should you be waiting for a mail from me, please have patience with me. I normally write quite fast, but currently am slowed down to an almost two finger method and still have to do my quarterly tax declaration with two fingers as well. Though I am on it and will continue slowly!

P.P.S.: I am just wondering, what the cactus wanted to tell me. After I avoided a falling two meter high cactus by mere millimeters only about a month ago, I somehow had to be hit by a cactus, it seems. So another one - not even my own - tried again yesterday, catching me completely unawares.
Am I too much like a cactus, ... ?
But certainly, I will avoid needles for quite a while now, cactus' or others, as I had my good share of them now. The problem is, I just need to re-pot a few of my two meter high ones. Should I apply for a knight's suit of armour?


  1. Ouch!!!! I'd wonder, too, if the universe was telling me something. Hope it heals quickly.

    1. Thank you so much, Servetus! As long as I don't touch or move my hands about, they slowly begin to stop aching on their own ;) That is a wonderful feeling.
      Perhaps I should have seen a doctor about it, as he would have given me an injection not to feel so much of the pain. But as I was due on a choir event just two hours after catching the cactus, it was either choir appointment (with already too few singers, because of the German football game parallel to it) or doctor.
      What that was with the cactus hitting me, is still a mystery to me. My parents assure me that I have enough similarity to a cactus (perhaps solitary and prickly) and I certainly do like the plants ;o)

  2. Yikes, C! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Poor thing! I am wondering where this cactus was (and how you managed to be hit by it). How bizzarre -- not to mention painful! Don't worry, I won't expect you to reply. I wouldn't want to make you type more than is necessary. I hope you heal quickly!

  4. Dear CDoart,
    I hope those wrists are progressing well to full strength! But what a good story to tell: "I was attacked by a flying cactus" ! Where on earth were you at the time??? Are flying cacti common in your country/area? (You left out some details in your post.) :)