Tuesday 8 July 2014

Donation Transfer for Guylty's Father!

I just finished the transfer of the donation money to the charity for Guylty's father.

The amount is:

€ 77,84 (= US$ 105.81)

Thank you to the wonderful and kind donors !!!

Source: Glitter-graphics.com

P.S.: Amount consisting of € and US$ donations, is calculated into one transferable total with today's US$ exchange rate to € published on oanda.com.


  1. Thank you, CDoart, for all of this - and to all those who have donated. I am very late (and stupid, too - see comment on other post), but I would at least like to give you some info about where your kind donations will be going.
    My dad was hugely interested in the local history of the village he grew up in and was a long supporter and active member of the local "Heimatverein" - sort of a "local history society". Through the call for donations (in lieu of flowers for the funeral, which, my mum felt, would have been wasted in high summer as they would have withered so quickly) a total of OVER 3,000 Euro / 4,000 US-Dollars was raised!!! Your contribution has added to that. What an amazing amount of money!!! My mother and I could not believe it, either. And the history society has actually been stunned.
    The money will go to keeping up the research into the local history of a small village called Neubruchhausen. My dad worked on a book for the society, and with some of the money raised, a part 2 of what already had been started will most likely be financed. Printing and publishing (the traditional way) is so expensive...
    Also, the history society has informed us that they will honour my dad and also recognise the donations by planting a tree in a little park near their headquarters. That will happen in the autumn and I shall be there for that.
    Once again, thank you SO MUCH. The reminder of this will keep me sustained for a long long time. You have all been great, and I am happier than ever that I have found you all.