Monday 17 September 2012

New War of the Roses...

... only this time, there are three roses involved.
Should this tell us somehow, that there is a freemasons' conspiracy behind this all?

Even "Spooks" visually brought in the topic in connection to politics, by placing the Home Secretary William Towers (= Simon Russell Beale) in front of a freemasons window with different significant symbols.

York for sure is the white rose,
Leicester might take over the red rose from Lancaster, as it is where the victor placed King Richard III,
but what colour would the third rose have?

If we follow the freemasons symbolism, it has to be a pink rose.

The underlying symbolism behind the three roses:

White = The beginning, the birth, the start into life, the purity, the innocence
Pink = the life itself, its joys, as well as worries and burdens, the mixture of light and darkness in reality
Red = the death, the ending, the resolution to it all, the fulfillment

These are only a few of the potential readings of these symbols, but I don't want to give you a lecture about the freemasons roses, but about the new War of the Roses.

Leicester, York and Westminster (London) are fighting over King Richard III.

Leicester = red
York = white
London = pink

In a poll on KRA you now can chose freely where you would see the fitting resting place for King Richard III. As supporters of King Richard III, we have discovered our king long before politicians and the marketing departments of the tourism industry.

Read more about the positive and negative aspects of each location and the background of the poll on KRA.

Only the best place for King Richard !

P.S.: My opinion on a state funeral. He has endured so much already, he will bear this with good grace as well ;o)


  1. Red or white??? I don't know! (Preferably not pink - the Palace has been lukewarm about a welcome. So they don't deserve it :D) I have a secret preference for York. But Leicester has done a great deal for the King lately. And it is a very small cathedral. It needs all the help and indulgence it can get.


    1. I very much agree with you, fitzg. I also am switching sides between York and Leicester and favour both sides. I just was against Westminster, as in my opinion it would mean to bring King Richard to his enemy.
      I saw York Cathedral already and loved it. Leicester I wanted to see, but never made it. (Should not admit the reason, why I wanted to see it, but the name Leicester just is wonderfully miraculous for German speakers ;o)

  2. I love York, too. Have not yet seen Ely or Lincoln or little Leicester.Just York, Wells, Canterbury and my favourite - Salisbury. (I had wondered if Salisbury was the model for Follett's Pillars of the Earth. Apparently not.)And one day I hope to see Cologne.