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Richard Armitage & Women (3)

Wednesday, March 14th

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You will recognize that in the following title I explicitely speak of 'women' not one 'woman'!

Richard Armitage & Women

That Richard Armitage is aware of his fanbase, yesterday's article by Fabo Laktuko at her blog White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts showed perfectly.

That Richard Armitage holds a special fascination, no fan will deny. But what makes Mr. Armitage so attractive to us women?

Women for one are notoriously curious, so his mystery certainly plays an immense part. But that certainly can't be all there is or he would not manage to attract such a large and manifold group of women over such a length of time.

We already saw that Mr. Armitage uses his fantasy and creativity, and thoughtful men are especially attractive.
His attention for detail (not only in his historic approach but in general to all his roles) and his persistence to achieve the best quality are further points to make Mr. Armitage appear reliable, stable and in general a good person to know.
In further articles, I will analyse, if the attractiveness has something to do with historical costume, varying hairstyle and will go deeper into the topic, if his historical interests have something to do with his exceptional attractiveness.

For now, it still is a miracle what makes Mr. Armitage so special that he attracts such a loyal and attentive fan-base!
Because, to some extent, his fan-base is special:
- the age diversity of the group
- the connected group feeling
- the collective experience of fandom
- the supportiveness, not only towards the actor, but to each other as well
- the protectiveness for the actor
- for a lot of fans it is the first time they experience fan-fever ;o)
- the building of a helpful community all around the world supporting and caring for each group member
- and I am sure you can add lots more points to this enumeration ...

Other men tend to divide women. Men even cherish when women fight for their attention, as they feel attractive and sought after that way. (I will spare you the description of some of my more crass observations in that regard. It would not be pleasant.)
In contrast, Mr. Armitage tries to ascertain peace among his fans and fan-groups, which is a point of highest admiration for me.

His ability to inspire women, awaken their creativity, heighten their fantasy, which is due to creating an imaginative world full of ideals and better concepts. His unobtrusive way of affecting them by deep emotion and a layered and complex explanation for the actions of otherwise mere film-roles.
This all is very attractive to women, much more so than beauty, as, like most women know, beauty can be fake or enhanced or manufactured or just entirely be an illusion.
But every woman loves a good riddle and a complex individuality. As women tend to feel pressured by society rules, they also admire freedom and lived individuality.

A character with virtue, the ability to evoke a sense for a better world, an utopia which might come true, is more powerful than the most potent drug.

How Mr. Armitage has the ability to use that power so effectively, is far beyond my abilities to analyse, so here I can only state the facts, that he has and uses this power to quite some impressive effect. I unfortunately am not able to fully provide unbiased reasons of how and why, as I am affected as well ;o)

You will have recognized that in all my writing about Mr. Armitage and the attractions he holds for women, I needed not to mention the outer beauty of Mr. Armitage. 
He possesses much more potent and irrevocable hooks for women.

<<  Tomorrow I will discuss the role historical costumes play in the attractiveness of men and actors. I hope you will continue to follow my explorative journey ;o)  - Have lots of fun with FanstRAvaganza 3 !  >>

I don't need to mention who made this wonderful banner and you will know anyway ;o)


  1. It's also interesting to note that some of us were initially enamored by the actor's appearance, but remained because of the other traits which hold our attention longer. At least that's the case with me!

    1. I well understand, bccmee ;o)
      Though I saw RA in N&S first, I did not become a fan then and when I fell head over heels into fandom, he did not exactly look his best ;o)

  2. Wow, I like this post a lot, CDoart. Gonna have to think about this.

    1. Thank you very much, jazzbaby1 ! I hope you will write about your thoughts, I am already curious ;o)

  3. Ditto to what bccmee said... I was first attracted to RA's looks, but his other traits have kept me a fan. :)

    1. His looks were nice to watch and I did even get away with watching N&S and going away affected, but not hooked. It was a very special moment in an interview, which changed 'everything' for me ;o) and as I mentioned at bccmee's comment, he did not even look his best then. So he must somehow have spread some special magic ;o)

  4. yeah, there is a lot of complex stuff in this post. The virtue stuff attracts me a lot (unsurprisingly). I think it helps him that he doesn't have a partner (makes it easier to dream).

    1. Thank you, Servetus. RA makes it easy to project things upon him, as he himself changes so much for every role and lives the character. I often wonder, if a partner would not rather hinder him in his performance. I think he would need a very special and understanding partner, to continue his art at such a high level.
      Now I am really in protection mode (and of course very selfish, as I want to see his future film appearances) ;o)

    2. I personally would prefer it if he had a partner we knew about because it would put an end to speculation, especially the gay question, one way or the other. For me the idea of him as a father and family man would add to the fantasy, though I would be fine with any long term partner. I wouldn't be inclined to be jealous or dislike them, even if it is a guy or a supermodel much younger than him, that doesn't mean s/he wouldn't be a worthy person. But I would prefer to know to have a clearer picture of him.

      I think most of us (and RA) are too old for the teenage ideal of the crush who appears to be available. For me it is more important to know that he is a good partner to someone worthy even if that isn't me. ;-) I personally think part of his appeal (as a person, not as an actor) is that he appears to be the ideal man in many respects, have all the traits we would wish for in a partner.

      But in reality I think his profession and his dedication to his craft would (and probably do) make things difficult. Long periods of him being absent are not helpful and I wonder how much emotional energy a method actor has left to invest in a relationship. It must be a very weird existence to have the character always with him.

    3. Thank you very much, Jane.
      I am never sure he does not already have a partner, but that does not really disturb me one way or the other. (I think, I would not tell either way, if I were in his place.) I wonder a bit about the 'funny' discussion and how it came into existence, but whatever. It is his life and his to enjoy and I hope very much he does exactly that.
      I think, a supermodel would disturb me a bit, but only because I would not believe she is the best choice for him, but then I would say to myself - who am I to judge and bother and would await his next film as I do now ;o)
      But in his case I think a partner would be able to have a great influence on his performance. Like you say, I also think he takes his characters home, whereas I think, the absences are not even the worst of it. I think he would change his approach to the partnership according to the discoveries of each role, which might be a bit difficult to bear for a partner and would need a lot of trust and understanding.
      (And once again I am in full protection mode ;o)
      I am too young for that in his regard, but I feel a bit like a mother hen trying to ascertain that all her chickens are safe ;o)

    4. I just would like to know what you usually know about acquaintances, nothing too detailed. About Martin Freeman we know he has a long term partner and two kids and who she is and that is enough. Frankly I also fear that thanks to RA's official single status soon all hell will break loose on the gossip front and I dread that for his sake but also for our's. Whereas MF will probably be fine.

    5. Hello Jane!
      I agree with you, that the 'single status' could be a problem for future publicity, but I am also convinced, the marketing department already has a thight knit plan in place. (I am just curious when it will be revealed [not that I necessarily think it will be the truth] ;o)
      To your question:
      Regarding mine, I would answer a bit like the evasive answer RA gave in the first The Hobbit interview ;o) Regarding other actors and their relationships, I must admit I just don't care at all, though some information steals in through the news ;o)
      (You gave me a small shock with 'MF'. They were the initials of my last boss and we internally shortened our names in that way. So it took me a while to calm down and get the reference ;o)

    6. Hi CDoart!

      My aplogies for taking so long to make a comment on your blog! I feel I may have influenced Jane's 'supermodel' comment by once suggesting Orlando Bloom's wife was more interesting to the paparazzi than he was and if people were hoping for more photos of RA, it might help if he started dating a supermodel (to attract press). :)

      For me personally, I think of the old adage 'Don't kill the messenger!'(as in the opening of 'Gladiator') when I think of RA. Possibly modified to, 'Don't overanalyze the messenger or imbue messenger with awesome projections or traits that really belong to you!' :) I should caveat this by saying that this is just my own personal take, and that everyone should enjoy the pleasurable process of finding the answer to this question for themselves! But the fact that he is able to mirror and amplify certain traits we recognize in ourselves or awaken long forgotten or unacknowledged desires is - in itself - a wonderful gift.

      For me, having a place to share and enjoy this discussion with others on-line is already the lottery prize of discovering RA's work.

      I might have only found you outside of the RA tag had you advertised as 'incredibly intelligent, creative, supportive, silly, open-minded, empathetic community of artists, writers, bakers, homemakers, webmistresses, and all around ass-kicking women you would love to know' (and you thought Fanstravaganza was a long title!)

      As for relationships, I'd have to say (having lived a similar travel work life split between 2 countries) I'd be pretty danged impressed if he's been able fit one in! :D

    7. Hello UK Expat, welcome here !
      Don't worry regarding a timeframe for answers. Your comments are welcome any time. Thank you very much for your compliments, you are also welcome without them ;o)
      I hope I did not kill the messenger ;o( and
      I did not chase Jane away or offend her.- Sorry, Jane, if I did that !!!
      Please come back and comment to your heart's liking. I don't bite (at least nothing except my food ;o)

      I agree with you, UK Expat, that the time he has between his travels and filming obligations, leaves him only few options, but clever man he is, who knows ... ;o)
      I don't really worry overmuch, only in that regard, that I hope he is happy whatever he does.
      I try not to project my experiences upon him, but he enriches my life by seeing his efforts coming to fruition. It is hard to describe the multitude of motives, why this makes me happy, but it does.
      I see him as an excellent actor, taking his roles home and developing himself further through going through the creation process of each role.
      I followed a very talented German actor, who unfortunately already died a few years ago. He was comparable in his approach to live the roles he played. You believed every bit he played in full, if he played a criminal, a charmer, a gambler, ... He told once about the problems, this character change caused for his marriage and how hard it was for a partner to follow on that continually changing way.
      Combined with the many travels, that does not make an all too steady relationship possible.

      I absolutely love your alternative name for the RA-fandom ;o)
      Thank you, UK Expat, for commenting!

    8. I have taken no offence whatsoever! Re the supermodel comment - surely the idea comes from OB and his wife and the fact that she is so famous makes it a lot more likely that they are photographed together. I know little about her, but nothing bad, and I'm not prejudiced against her just because of her profession. I think many fans of RA would prefer it if he dates a woman closer to his own age and more "normal" in every respect, because they could identify with her, and imagine that theoretically they would have a chance as well. On the other many people will expect that a red blooded male who has his pick among women ends up with a supermodel, because that is what every man dream off, and think it is odd if he doesn't.

      I agree that current circumstances make any long term relationship difficult - would a relationship with someone in the UK survive almost two years of separation? And if he has met someone in NZ, what happens when filming is finished? NZ too far away for regular weekend trips! On the other hand, OB is a Brit mostly working in the US and his wife is Australian and they manage. LOL!

    9. Thank you very much, Jane.
      You misunderstand me, if you think I have something against a supermodel. I even have a friend who went into that business, before a spine injury prevented her further steps.
      I only think, that the hard career of a supermodel, with lots of world-spanning appointments and the necessity to always live a beautiful illusion for the media, would bring further pressure to a relationship. I just would wish something more comfortable for RA.
      That men like goodlooking women, I have no doubt and I don't think RA is an exception here ;o)
      Thank you, Jane!

    10. I was speaking in general, as I have often heard fans saying they are glad he's not dating a model, as they would consider that superficial or whatever. I understood you had only in mind what is best for him.

    11. Hmmm, CDoart - you bring up some very interesting observations here! Let's see, 'the hard career of a supermodel, with lots of world-spanning appointments' as compared to RA's own career with its similar world-spanning appointments? :)

      And the supermodel's pressure to live a 'beautiful illusion' is one RA likely already shares, as I am sure he already lives under this pressure himself in his industry (would there really be so much oggling if RA sported a noticeable muffin top?). And might it not be better to have two jetting partners rather than only one jetting partner while the other is left waiting alone for his return? ;)

      I have no particular bias for RA to be in a relationship with someone 'normal' as his life may prove to be quite a bit removed from anything normal. And there are actually similarities in lifestyle and demands between the two careers (is modeling not another form of 'acting' for print?).

      And as Jane has noted above, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have seemingly found a way to make it all work out. :)

      I hope I didn't offend with this post. I'm just saying a supermodel may have more in common with an actor than most people think. Plus there would likely be more candid photos as the paparazzi get two celebs for the price of one photo! ;)

    12. I hope the above response didn't come across in any way as judgmental of your comments, CDoart, I just noticed as I read your response about your friend that a lot of the pressures you attributed to modeling also applied to acting and it struck me someone who understood that pressure could make a good partner. :)

    13. Hello UK Expat,
      Please don't worry. Everything is fine and I think it is a very good point you make.
      It is, I think, also the point why I hesitate with this combination, though I completely agree, that they would understand the similar pressure and necessities their jobs require.
      One partner jetting around the world, could take the other with him, but two needing to jet to opposite ends of the world might get a bit hard to co-ordinate and in the end a bit of a lonely partnership.
      But I also agree, being the one left at home having to wait, would well go beyond my imaginative endurance, especially when the other half of the partnership gets to see New Zealand ;o)

  5. Ooh CD,
    So insightful! And then there is always Richard Armitage's deep velvety baritone voice. Sighhhhh!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    1. Thank you very much, Grati!
      It took me a while to appreciate his voice, though I must admit, it was what he said, which knocked me over and directly into fandom ;o) It is still a riddle to me, what exactly caused my conversion into a fan, but I think it was more what and how polite he said it than his voice in itself, which got me ;o)

  6. Fascinating post - lots to think about. I agree with you and others that if it was only his physical appearance he wouldn't inspire us like he does and we wouldn't be so curious. I really like your list about the fandom.

    1. Thank you very much, Fabolaktuko.
      I enjoy every moment in RA's fandom and think he must really be exceptional to attract such a lovely group!

  7. Hello, the post contains plenty of food for thought. It's true that often men divide women, but in our case it serves as the glue that holds us together and is a the catalyst for our endeavours!
    Great post!

    1. Thank you very much, iwanttobeapinup!
      I had to smile, when I read your comparison of RA as a glue ;o)
      I like that idea very much!

  8. I agree with Agzy above - I think the unity within the fandom is one of the things that has kept me so interested. Initially I was attracted by his looks and charm in VoD, then I discovered that he wrote messages to his fans. In the messages, he demonstrated an interest in social justice issues by suggesting donations to charities he cared for which added to is appeal. After the messages, I discovered the fandom, and the cameraderie between fans. I also feel that his acting and dedication to his art play a large part in the attraction.

    1. Thank you, M58.
      I must admit, that I at first thought his messages to be fake. It took me quite a while into fandom to believe they were really true. (The always sceptic CD ;o)
      But all the helpful video-instructions of his fan-community lead me to watch the one fateful interview, which decided everything for me. (The video instructions were far and wide the only one's one could really work with to solve problems and not have more problems afterwards than before. Thank you, Ladies, for creating them !!! - Of course all use RA as an example ;o) The world of fan-vidding around RA was the first experience of the helpful fan-community which welcomed my first shy steps into fandom with open arms.

    2. C. Doart: I'm dying to know which interview "did it" for you. Will you reveal?

    3. Welcome here, Armitagebesotted!
      The interview where RA won me over was the promotional BBC interview for Spooks 7 of the year 2008. His polite answers and describing water-boarding and all decision was entirely taken out of my hands ;o)
      Here is the link to the video of this interview:
      BBC interview (27.10.2008)

    4. Thank you. I've never seen that interview, and I thought I had seen them all. This fandom just continues to deliver good stuff!

  9. Hello CDoart :) Wonderful post. You have right. He is very inspiring. And most of all his voice makes me crazy ;D

    1. Thank you, Jonia. How he does reach all that will leave me wondering to my last day I think, but I love the effect he has ;o)

  10. This a lovely post...
    I would like to share an observation from my adult daughter - after showing her the progress of the RA Quilt on ebay and discussing the donation schemes she commented, "I think that Richard has the best fans in the world" and there is no wonder why.

    1. Thank you, Phoebe.
      The comment of your daughter is lovely! Thank you very much for sharing it!!!

  11. Indeed there's something special in this man!!! Loved your post!

    1. Thank you very much, Luciana, and welcome here!
      I fully agree with you ;o)

  12. Your post gave me much food for thought, and reminded me of the words that I read some time ago on Servertus blog, said by MillyMe, " His inner beauty illuminates his outer beauty and shines through all his roles." That is why I believe that Mr. Armitage is a unique man.

    1. Thank you very much, Ania!
      MillyMe exactly hit the truth of it, why RA affects us all so much and yes, in my eyes, he is unique. (Though in principle I think that of every person, but in between all the unique individuals, he is very special.)

  13. He exudes a special something, which I have yet to define, he is charming, warm and above all natural. There was nothing pretensious about him. That was a thought provoking article CD thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much, SioucsieSioux, and a warm welcome here on the blog!
      I am not sure I will ever be able to determine what makes him so very special, but his effect as a whole is overwhelming ;o)

  14. A proper partner for RA would never leave his side. Looking back through all that I have seen about Richard, I would have to say he would require his partner to go with him on his journeys only because he's incredibly lonely, though I doubt he would ever demand it, but would cherish her evermore for it. I would say a strong, chiseled woman is his cup of tea... not just muscle wise, mind wise. Richard would need her strength to lean on and her beauty to boost him. She would need to have the ability to "fit in" to any role he's currently working on, a social chameleon would be perfect. One who can stand out as well as blend in. A dolloo of street smarts never hurt either. Bind that to an already compassionate, loving, and thoughtful woman and you have an ideal candidate. Age will play a huge role as well. I just can't see Richard with a super model, actress, nor any other high profile role bearer. No, he's definitely old school... the lady cooks, cleans, baby's, spoils, follows, stands her ground unwaveringly beside him. He has been hurt very badly relationship wise before, having your love pick her career over you, that's just foul. I could never just walk away from my man, that would be terribly dishonorable. No one deserves that not ever! Least of all this man... he has a very precious Spirit and that splendid attribute should be protected at all costs. In no other persons eyes have I viewed such sadness, pain, loneliness, and heartache. If it takes the rest of mylife and the last of my strength iI will change Richards look of deep, personal sorrow to one of complete and utter joy! That is my destiny I have chosen, what will you gorgeous ladies do to help our beautiful friend Richard succeed in finding his perfect Zen? Love you all! Sorry post is so late! Lol! Hugs and the happiest of thoughts to you Richard! I'm right here and I'm pushing hard for you!
    Oglala Sioux, First Nation
    Brothers In Arms
    Fellow Traveler
    Rainbow Warrior
    Emerald Alliances
    West Coast Guardians, Killa Cali Kitty

    1. Hello Anonymous. (I unfortunately have no idea how to address you, because your list at the end irritates me and I am not sure if your name is among them.)
      Welcome here and your comments are welcome at any time. There is no time frame.
      Thank you very much for your ideas and insightful thoughts about RA.
      I don't really want to suggest what would be right for him, because I am sure he will chose what he likes and very much hope he does that without any pressure from somebody else or out of a thought to having to fulfil someone's expectations. He hopefully will only fulfil his own and will be able to do so. Fate will unfold its own meaning and find its way and destiny.
      Thank you again for your comment!